What’s in Your Remote Work Bag?


What's in your remote work bag?

Meet Jason Byer, a marketing professional who decided to take his family on a road trip of the U.S. in a travel trailer, all while keeping up his regular full-time day job and working from the road! Jason leads up marketing and partnerships for crowdspring—a job he found using FlexJobsFlexJobs is partnering with Jason to take a closer look at what the digital nomad lifestyle is really like while working a full-time job. With weekly videos, you’ll get a first-hand look at Jason’s digital nomad adventure, and see how he structures his day, works from new locations, and finds time to explore.

In this video—the 31st of the series—Jason shows what’s in his remote work bag: everything from blue light eyeglasses to a Kindle.

Follow Jason’s journey to learn how to work effectively from home or as a digital nomad using #FJNomad on social media—or by following along on the blog. You can also find Jason on Instagram at @j.byer. And you can follow the videos on our YouTube channel.

Resources for Digital Nomads

If you want to start your own digital nomad adventure, FlexJobs has many resources help get you on your way! Our blog features articles that can give you practical digital nomad advice, job leads, and inspirational stories of people who have made the change. Here’s some of the best:

Work-from-Anywhere Jobs for Digital Nomads

Finding a work-from-anywhere job is tantamount to taking off on your journey. This type of job will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, meaning you can perform the job anywhere you travel to as long as you have an Internet connection. We’ve compiled a list of a few common job titles we see for remote jobs. Be sure to also check out FlexJobs’ current listings, which are updated daily.

Digital Nomad Success Stories

We hear frequently from FlexJobs members who have found success in finding a flexible job with our services. Check out what a few digital nomads had to say about their experience with FlexJobs:

“After searching for four years for a work-from-home job I could perform while traveling with my husband, FlexJobs helped me find a job where I can control my own steady schedule no matter where we are. I am so delighted to have found FlexJobs and have already recommended your service to several people.” —Marjorie B.

“‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem like enough. I’m so grateful for the service. The day I lost my job with my previous employer, I signed up for FlexJobs. After losing my job, I had a great sense of urgency, and I also knew that I wanted a remote job so that I can travel for several months at a time. Within six weeks of losing my job, I was hired by a company that will allow me to work from anywhere in the world! When my apartment lease expires this summer, my world travels begin!” —Leticia S.

“I’m so happy with my experience with FlexJobs. I was able to find exactly what I wanted using this service. Within six weeks of joining, I had two job offers for remote positions. I’m able to be a digital nomad and live life with a flexible schedule. I’m very happy and would highly recommend FlexJobs!” —Aretha S.

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