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Allie H. had been searching for remote work for years and never found anything worth pursuing. That’s something we hear at FlexJobs a lot. Most remote and flexible jobs turn out to be not as remote or flexible as advertised. Or, they’re often job search scams.

But when Allie discovered she was pregnant, she knew she needed a flexible job. That’s when she joined FlexJobs and found a job that let her balance her professional life with her soon to be family life.


Flexible, Full-Time Work

Long before Allie knew she was pregnant, she was looking for flexible jobs.

“I had been interested in a more flexible job than my previous 8 to 6 job,” she said.

Allie was sure that a flexible job would help her become a more productive and happier employee. But Allie works in public relations and wasn’t sure she’d be able to find a full-time job in her field that would allow flexible work.

“Many PR professionals looking for flexibility decide to freelance or consult as in most cases, it allows them to work from home and have flexibility,” Allie said.

The Greatest Joy

As a FlexJobs member, Allie found plenty of openings that were worth pursuing. Eventually, she found a full-time work-at-home role as the PR and Communications Leader for Precision Nutrition. Now, not only is Allie working at home full-time, she’s also “working for an amazing company that I’m passionate about.”

Allie is also experiencing the many benefits of working at home. She found that not only is she a more productive employee, there are many other benefits to remote work.

“I’m able to eat better by having access to my kitchen throughout the day. Before I drove to work and sat at my desk most of the day. Now I’m constantly moving throughout the house. I also try to take my dog for walks during lunch on nice days,” she says.

Most importantly, Allie gave birth to a baby girl and is balancing her professional life and personal life in ways she never imagined.

“While I still had to hire help at home to ensure that I can focus on my work, I still get to be present for my daughter, which is the greatest joy of all,” she says.

Flexible Work Helps Life Balance

Flexible work gives people the ability to have a career and a family, not one or the other.

Whatever it is you’re searching for, flexible work can probably help you find it. And because flexible work is more important than ever, we’ve lowered prices on new memberships up to 50%. Enter the code JOBS at checkout.


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