Woman Ditches Office Politics, Finds Fully Remote Job


Lesley S.: Woman Finds Low-Drama Job, Improves Productivity

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One of the reasons people look for flexible and remote work is to avoid office politics. Our 2019 survey of FlexJobs members found that 33% of respondents look for a flexible job for exactly this reason. Lesley S. is all too familiar with office drama. Not only did she have drama in one past job, she had it in two!

Tired of the office politics, Lesley joined FlexJobs in search of a remote job that could remove her from the drama and allow her to become more productive. Lesley’s FlexJobs membership paid off, connecting her with a remote job that offers so much more than zero drama.

Woman Ditches Office Politics, Finds Fully Remote Job 1

No More Politics, Please!

Like many workers, Lesley was tired of the office politics that so often accompanies traditional environments. “I do not enjoy the political games people sometimes play,” she says. “I prefer to focus on getting as much done as efficiently as possible.”

After two “very drama-heavy office jobs,” Lesley was in search of a job that she could do at home. “I wanted something where I could be more productive and away from office politics.” And that’s just what she found with OpenClassrooms, working full-time as a Student Success Manager. Now she works at home and finds herself “much more productive in a quiet little pod than in a busy office environment.”

An Unexpected Opportunity

Lesley’s path to job success took some unexpected twists and turns. One of the reasons Lesley joined FlexJobs was because “there are so many fake jobs out there. The FlexJobs listings were all carefully vetted.”

In addition to the quality of the job postings, Lesley used the job categories to look at jobs outside her wheelhouse. “The organization of the jobs by category meant I could consider a change in careers just by poking around.”

With a list of companies she wanted to work for, Lesley used FlexJobs to check for openings on her target list every day. As soon as she saw an opening that matched her criteria, she applied. But in the end, Lesley “ended up taking a job with a company I had never heard of before, in Europe, because I stumbled over them here on FlexJobs!”

“The Best $50 I Spent on My Job Search.”

Since she is no longer commuting, Lesley estimates that she’s saving about $8,000 because she got rid of her car. In addition to the cost savings, she’s saving time, too. Lesley started a side gig to help increase her income and savings.

And thanks to the positive change in her professional life, Lesley’s personal life has improved, too. “I get more sleep. I eat more healthfully. … I also work out every day because I have a treadmill at my house plus weights and my dog to go on long walks.”

She’s so enthusiastic about her experience with FlexJobs that she advises anyone considering a membership to “do it!” More importantly, for Lesley, the cost of her membership was absolutely worth it. “Best $50 I spent on my job search!” she says.

Thanks to this new and totally remote job, Lesley isn’t sure if she’ll ever go back to a traditional office setting. “This current job is a 100% remote job with a quarterly visit to corporate. So, yes, I work from home and go to Europe four times a year!”

Lesley is looking forward to her next business trip!

Lesley’s FlexJobs membership paid off for her. And as a member, she had full access to all of our job postings every day. Not a member? Join today and find a remote job you can get excited about.


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