Woman Finds Remote Job That Values Work Over Attendance


Woman Finds Job That Values Work Over Attendance


Sometimes employers are hesitant to allow remote or flexible work, thinking that if managers can’t see what their employees are up to, they won’t actually do their jobs. These employers may believe the only way to keep an eye on workers is to have them in the office.

Kaurie A. spent a lot of time commuting to and from a job that wanted her in the office. In search of a job that prioritized productivity over presence, Kaurie joined FlexJobs to connect with a company that would give her flexibility and put her administrative skills to work.

Woman Finds Job That Values Work Over Attendance

Filling Time at the Office

“I was tired of working 9 to 5 administrative jobs that had more to do with filling a space and time than the actual work,” Kaurie explains. “I wanted flexible work that prioritized time and projects over just having someone available waiting for work.”

Kaurie admits that at first, she didn’t take her job search very seriously. “But,” she says, “ultimately, I was hired [through FlexJobs].” Kaurie took advantage of all of the advice on the site, creating three separate resumes to aid her job search. “The tips on resumes, interviews, cover letters, etc. were extraordinarily helpful.”

Because FlexJobs has job postings in over 50 different career categories, there are plenty of openings to pursue. “I mostly searched by category over anything else,” Kaurie says. “The sheer variety of job listings was so encouraging!

A Different Way to Really Work

Kaurie connected with Delegate Solutions and is now a full-time remote Executive Virtual Assistant, and she’s happy to have more time in her day. “No more wasting time in terrible and inefficient staff meetings and no more commuting.”

If Kaurie has learned anything about remote work, it’s that there are real jobs out there. “I think many people feel that flexible work isn’t like a real job, and real jobs entail going somewhere for 40 hours a week on a routine and strict basis. There are so many other ways to work!”

One of the benefits of a FlexJobs membership is that our staff takes the time to vet and verify every job posting on the site so you can enjoy a scam-free job search. If you’re ready to connect with a real job that gives you the flexibility you desire, take the FlexJobs tour today to learn more. Right now, we’re offering up to 50% off new memberships. Enter the code JOBS at checkout.



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