Woman Gains New Skills, Flexibility Using FlexJobs


Woman Gains New Skills, Flexibility Using FlexJobs


Sometimes, a job is more than just a way to make money. Sometimes, it opens up a world of new opportunities and experiences for you. When that happens, you can learn so much about yourself and what the future might hold.

Maria A. had worked remotely in the past, but she was looking for something new. When a friend recommended FlexJobs, she not only connected with a new, flexible job, she gained some amazing new skills.

Woman Gains New Skills, Flexibility Using FlexJobs 1

Time for a Change

Maria was looking for a new job that wasn’t just remote but was also flexible. “A friend recommended FlexJobs,” Maria explains, and she was delighted to find “a job site dedicated to the kind of flexibility I needed!

The stress of Maria’s previous role had taken a toll on her mental health. She wanted something that would allow her to balance work with being available for her family without creating stress. Thanks to her new role as a Virtual Administrator Contractor with BELAY, Maria is earning a living and can be there for her family whenever they need her.

But the job did more than help Maria find the balance she wanted. She also learned new skills that she can use, no matter where her career takes her. “I never thought of myself as a technically savvy person. Having a remote, flexible job has opened up a whole new world of technical opportunity and learning! I am staying relevant in the workforce and have the confidence to pursue more opportunities!

Learning Some New Tricks

Maria took advantage of her membership and connected with a FlexJobs Career Coach. Thanks to her coach, Maria learned how to tailor her resume to land the right remote job for her. “I had a difficult time selling myself on a resume,” she says. “It was so wonderful to talk with someone who helped me highlight my strengths. It was a great career move for me and well worth the money!”

With the tips she learned from her career coach, Maria learned how to sell her skill set to prospective employers. In addition to learning how to create a customized resume for each position she pursued, she learned about other ways to brand herself professionally. “I did not realize the impact of having a professional profile on LinkedIn, even if I did not use it for much.”

Find Your Balance

With job postings in over 50 career categories, FlexJobs can help you connect with work that lets you create whatever kind of balance you need. Members can log in anytime and see the freshest remote and flexible job postings around.

If you want to find a flexible job, join FlexJobs today. With fresh job postings across 50 career categories every day, there’s no end to the opportunities you can connect with.




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