Woman Joins FlexJobs, Becomes Her Own Boss as a Freelancer


Woman Finds "New Normal" and Becomes Her Own Boss

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Making the leap from full-time employee to full-time freelancer can be scary, and not something most people do without a lot of careful planning. However, sometimes life circumstances change quickly, and people leap into freelancing because it lets them work more flexibly than a traditional job ever could.

When Kiersten’s daughter was born 15 weeks early, she knew she would need to work flexible hours at home. But before she could ask her employer about accommodating her new normal, Kiersten was laid off. In search of a flexible, work-from-home job, Kiersten joined FlexJobs and soon discovered she could be her own boss as a full-time freelancer.

Something Unexpected

Woman Joins FlexJobs, Becomes Her Own Boss as a Freelancer 1

After four months in the hospital, Kiersten was able to bring her daughter home. But, she “came home with a feeding tube, oxygen support, and an immune system that’s too fragile to handle daycare.” And Kiersten knew her daughter would need a lot of follow-up appointments with doctors, physical therapists, and other health care providers.

After she was laid off, Kiersten was hesitant to pay for a FlexJobs membership. “When you’re looking for a job, it can be hard to justify paying for a membership—believe me. I know.” But, without a flexible and remote position, supporting her family would be a challenge.

Work on Her Terms

Kiersten ended up pursuing full-time freelance work. Not only is she still able to work in a field she enjoys, she’s found clients who are supportive of her situation. “It’s amazing being able to work in my field, doing what I love, for people who are understanding of my situation. I never need time off.” Kiersten chooses assignments that fit into her life instead of fitting her life into her assignments.

Through her freelancing, Kiersten has discovered that she can be her own boss and create a career path that’s perfect for her. “I’m feeling very positive about my prospects as a freelancer. I know now that I can build a business for myself on my own terms.”

Charting a New Course

One of the advantages of a FlexJobs membership is the curation of the job listings. Kiersten knows this firsthand. “You’ll save so much time having everything in one place versus going from job board to job board, sifting through all the listings to find the ones that will work for you.”

Now, Kiersten is growing her freelance business that allows her to work on her own terms and still support her family financially while caring for her daughter. While she may have never planned it, becoming the boss is just another part of Kiersten’s new normal.

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