Woman Now Works to Live Thanks to Flexible Job


woman now works to live thanks to flexible job


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Sometimes knowing what you don’t want is the key to figuring out what you do want. That’s exactly how Shinjini N. approached her job search. Instead of asking herself what jobs she wanted to do, she asked herself what jobs she didn’t want to do. And using that approach, Shinjini found the perfect job for her.

Woman Now Works to Live Thanks to Flexible Job 1

Everything Was Draining

Shinjini joined FlexJobs in search of a flexible and remote job. “I was spending a lot of time and money commuting, which was draining me, and my work was very demanding. I had no routine, and it affected my physical and mental health.”

Using FlexJobs search and filtering features, Shinjini started by asking, “what jobs I am not okay with doing, put those keywords in the ‘exception’ and then look for jobs that are available.” She knew it would take more than a brief look at the search results, though, and reminds other users, “Even if the right job is not on the first page, it’ll be there. Don’t give up halfway.”

By filtering out jobs she didn’t want, Shingini found her current job at Toptal as a Communications Specialist. The positive impacts on her life are nearly endless. “My body is now on a routine which it didn’t have before. I sleep nine hours a day, eat proper meals, exercise, plan travels, indulge in different hobbies, save money, and not have work consume my life.” Phew!

If that weren’t enough, she adds, “My life is truly mine now. It doesn’t belong to a company or a boss or a project. I work to live now, not live to work. I’m happy.”

Diverse Job Offerings

Shinjini says that a FlexJobs membership is for everybody seeking flexible work, regardless of where you’re living in the world. “I highly recommend it even if you’re not American. There’s a job for everyone despite their nationality. I am an Indian woman living in Mexico and found a job within two months… I would suggest the yearly membership because it gives you the best chance of landing a job. It’s worth every penny.”

While a flexible job has given Shinjini so much in the present, she’s also excited about what a flexible and remote job can offer her in the future. “I don’t have to move to a different country or place for a job if I don’t want to. I can be wherever and expand my skills and experience through remote jobs.”

Regardless of your background, with job postings in over 50 career categories, FlexJob has a flexible and remote job that’s right for everyone. Take the tour and learn more about all the advantages a membership offers.


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