Woman Uses FlexJobs to Reconnect with Freelancing, Find Career Empowerment


Success Story Lynn N.: Woman Reconnects with Freelancing to Find Empowerment


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One of the things FlexJobs users often say is that finding a remote or flexible job empowers them. Whether that’s working from wherever they want, picking and choosing what projects they want to accept, or simply taking a long break in the middle of the day, flexible workers tend to be happy workers.

That’s exactly what Lynn N. rediscovered when she joined FlexJobs. Going from a freelance job to a corporate job reminded Lynn of all the things she missed about freelancing. So, she joined FlexJobs in search of flexible, freelance work that would help her feel empowered and in control of her future.

Woman Uses FlexJobs to Reconnect with Freelancing, Find Career Empowerment 1

Something Was Missing

When Lynn’s children were young, she worked as a freelance writer. Eventually, the kids were old enough that Lynn felt comfortable working in an office. She took a job at a marketing firm as a Content Director and stayed there for six years. However, she was unhappy.

“The demands of having to produce nonstop with mediocre pay, coupled with a controlling boss, made me want to return to remote work,” Lynn told FlexJobs.

Joining FlexJobs connected Lynn with “remote work opportunities and creative clearinghouses that I didn’t know existed.” Now she’s back to freelancing and feels more empowered than she ever did working in an office. “I am in charge of my client load, my daily schedule. If I don’t feel well, I can take a break or get up late. I feel much more satisfied.”

A New Perspective

The return to freelancing changed Lynn’s perspective on remote work like never before. “I’ve realized that as a creative, I can work everywhere. My clients are no longer local or regional. They are national. I am also making more money.”

Lynn also has some advice for job seekers in search of remote work. “You have to work to find a remote job. Don’t get too married to whether or not you get a response from someone; just keep sending out resumes and responses. Set a goal of sending a set amount of resumes a day or week and stick to it.”

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