10 Free Job Boards for Recruiters on the Internet


10 Free Job Boards for Recruiters on the Internet



Let us take you through 20 of the best job boards online that offer the best services for the recruiters.


These websites allow you to post the details about your job opening for the candidates in an eye catching way, and they make both the recruiter and the job seeker to engage and communicate easily, making it a pleasant task for both parties.






As one of the most organized platforms for professionals to interact, LinkedIn is leading among the online job boards as one of the most effective and easy way to reach potential employees. With the reputation LinkedIn has already created among the corporate sector, people tend to apply more when a job is published online through LinkedIn, rather than in any other website. Another perk of recruiting through LinkedIn is that the employer can get a briefing of the candidate’s professional history by going through their profile.







While Craigslist has always been your companion when it comes to buying and selling things online, it also works as an efficient job board to advertise your vacancies for free. With the massive reach Craigslist has, it gives you a better probability to reach the best candidates. However, Craigslist is not free everywhere, therefore you can use their special “gigs” section in order to advertise your job opportunity for free.


Smart Recruiter




Smart Recruiter is a website which makes your recruitment process faster and more productive. This helps to you to integrate a several websites on to your search for employees and decrease the time you will spend on each site. The special features allow you to filer your applicants easily.






Indeed.com is a site where you can search for various types of jobs by scrolling through thousands of sources and posts. In this, the user will be redirected to various other free job boards where he can compare and contrast. Also, this site has one of the best keyword tools with various filters like location and category. Because of that, the user only has to enter his or her preferences as text. The most impressive thing is that indeed.com providing their services on IOS and Android platforms. The site renders on almost all smart phones and tabs although it does not have a dedicated app for windows.


One of the setbacks of the board is that this does not focus on advanced career guidance resources such as resume writing, networking or articles. Indeed.com only provides the basic job information with some forums to go with.






Sanagajob.com is America’s largest hourly employment network. There is a steady flow of opportunities in customer service and health care here. Users are provided with an easy-to-use resume tool by linking into MyPerfectResume.com which offers free templates and formatting tools. In Snagajob, job alert emails are sent to your emails mentioning the available job alerts according to your searches and resume. It also provides you with job alerts enriching the knowledge base on the topics like facing interviews.


Although this is the largest in America, you may find some annoying features in SnagaJob such as displaying banner ads. This can affect user experience factor and also such ads can be misread as employer logos and promos. Application process is somewhat problematic for the users.






CareerBuilder has requested for a feature that they have introduced to match jobs with your resume directly. No need for complex key word matching or searching for potential opportunities manually. Their career tests are can be used as a customized tool in order to filter through jobs according to your performances. This is a perfect platform to unveil the hidden skill sets which you may not be aware of. CareerBuilder’s search option is one of the best among career web sites. You can easily filter your search results by including and excluding key words as necessary. To back up that, they provide an option called Hire Insider. It compares information like educational qualifications of the job applicants. The only negative aspect is the banner ads.






This is a very good platform if you are looking for job opportunities in larger and well established companies. The review system makes way for a great level of visibility about the companies and their working environment. Current and former employees of a particular company anonymously provide reviews covering the areas like culture and values, management, compensation and opportunities. Especially the salary details and the interview tips provided by them are really valuable. Limited search areas and traditional methodology of career resources are disadvantages of Glassdoor.





SimplyHired is the place for you if you are looking for more options within a limited time. Job opportunities are updated constantly and you won’t miss any of the new opportunities. The stand out feature in this board is the one click application on mobile platform. In the application, most of the fields are prepopulated with the details of your resume to save your time. The mobile app is very smooth and user friendly although some of the value-added features are cut off.






Inityjobs is another job site with simple key word search feature. However, unlike most of the sites, this guides you to build a good resume with relevant information. You can select which employers or sites that your resume is sent and target the audience. For an example, your resume can be broadcasted to other boards like CareerBuilder and Beyond.com.


You can easily register and post free jobs online at Inityjobs for IT software, sales marketing, BPO call center, and business development related vacancies for India and other countries in the world over!


Inityjobs.com does not have an apple app up to date. Also their career advice section is outdated and not updated frequently.







Monster.com is one of the oldest and the most impressive job boards you can find in internet. This is not for simple job search. It provides a variety of resources to build your career step by step. You can take its salary calculator for an example. Monster.com is connected to a vast network of employers and companies. You can even connect your LinkedIn profile with the account you create by uploading your resumes. This can filter job opportunities faster because, the postings are direct. The only lagging point is the complexity of the site design. Some users may find it confusing.


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