5 Fascinating Stories About Past Washington Redskins Players


The Washington Redskins has had much success as a football team. Furthermore, many of its players have had successful years after their playing days.

Whatever happened to your favorite NFL football player, after he retired from the gridiron? Particular teams, such as the Washington Redskins, have had a history of success in the NFL. That includes five Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl victories, and 10 Division Championships. In fact, the pro football Hall of Fame includes 22 former Washington Redskins players. Have you ever wondered what happened to past players? What did they do after they hung up their helmets and football cleats? Here is where some Hall of Fame Washington Redskins of yesteryear have been, up until today:

1. Darrel Green (Cornerback): 1983-2002

During his illustrious career with the Redskins, Green grabbed 64 interceptions, ran 621 interception yards, and scored six touchdowns. Green founded the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation, a religious charity, in 1988. He has also been involved with:

•Baltimore-Washington 2012 Summer Olympics board
•NFL September 11th Relief Fund
•Presidential Council on Service and Civic Participation
•Wolf Trap Foundation boards

2. Christian “Sonny” Jurgensen (Quarterback): 1964-1974

Sonny Jurgensen racked up an incredible 32,224 passing yards and 255 touchdowns, during his career with the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. Since retiring from football, Jurgensen has served as a color commentator with CBS television. Along with Sam Huff, another Hall of Fame Redskins player, Jurgensen continues to cover Washington Redskins games, on the radio.

3. Art Monk (Wide Receiver): 1980-1993

Monk was certainly one of the greatest Wide Receivers of all time, set an NFL record for the most consecutive games with a catch (183). Today, Monk has been helping people off the field, as much as he helped his team on the field. Along with three teammates, Monk founded the Good Samaritan Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides people with job training. Also, a football camp for youngsters bears his name.

4. John Riggins (Running Back): (1976-1979, 1981-1985)

Nicknamed “The Diesel,” Riggins rushed for over 11,300 yards during his career, with an average carry of 3.9 yards. Since retiring, Riggins has appeared in “Guiding Light” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” on TV, as well as some “off-off Broadway” productions. Riggins also served as a commentator of “The John Riggins Show,” which ESPN Radio aired in the Washington D.C. area.

5. Charley Taylor (Wide Receiver): 1964-1975, 1977

During his career with the Redskins, Taylor pulled in 649 catches, earned 9,110 receiving yards, and crossed the endzone 79 times. After retiring from the NFL as a player, Taylor served as a scout for the Washington Redskins, and then as a receiver coach for the team, from 1981-1994. Since then, Taylor has served as a consultant to the Washington Redskins, has given formal speeches, and has even sold vehicles and boats.

We often wonder what happened to our favorite music, television, and sports stars, after they retired. For instance, many former Washington Redskins players have donated their time and money, to give back to society. Remember those players as you use your NFL merchandise to cheer on your favorite team!


Source by Rick Grantham

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