A Career in Teaching

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There are different institutions which offer teaching jobs. The industry can be devivded into three different segments. Maybe the biggest and most diverse employer are colleges and universities, either State or Private Institutions.

To apply for a teaching job at a university or a college, prospective teacher need to have at least a College degree and in many cases a teaching certificate. Most colleges and universities have job listings on their websites. These kind of institutions offer either contract positions or tenure positions. Tenure positions require high qualifications and are most of the time not available to unexperienced teaching personel.

Beginners are offered positions mostly for 1 year, if the candidate is qualified a possible tenure position can be offered but these positions are very rare.

Another sector for teaching jobs is the private sector, either private schools for adult eduction or for example language schools. As these institutions in the most cases are not issuing official diplomas, many schools can accept teachers without degrees or teaching certificates. Especially language schools are quite flexible when it comes to qualifications and experience of teachers. If the teacher is a native speaker of an exotic language which is popular to learn, it can very easy to get a position even without proper qualification. Of course a prospective teacher should always be prepared for his teaching job, as the work will be much easier and interesting if one is prepared.

A third possiblity is to work for a charity organisation. These kind of institutions offer learners of low income families a possiblity to gain knowledge and develop personally. Many organisation offer after school programs to Inner City Kids or teach adults which had no formal schooling. Some of these organizations operate in third world countries in Africa, South America or Asia. Most charity organization do not pay their teacher but offer free housing if they are situated overseas or a small compensation for gas and food. A decision to take a teaching job in a charity organisation can be very rewarding and be an interesting experience. Most teachers in charity organizations are typically college and university graduates who want to give something back to society.

Working as a teacher, paid or unpaid, is not only a job, but always comes with responsibility, as the learners depend on the quality and knowledge of the teacher. It can also be a very rewarding career.

There are several Job boards and Jobsites available on the internet that specialise in teaching jobs.

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