Advance Legal Jobs is Now the Largest Direct-Apply Only Legal Jobs Board in the World!


The founders of Advance Legal Jobs noticed that, even with the current glut of job boards, a single, reliable and affordable source of legal jobs for attorneys and law students just did not exist. The legal job seeker was limited to the pay-to-list sites, which charge employers hundreds of dollars per listing, the job aggregators that simply re-bundle jobs from the pay-to-list sites, or they could monitor the websites of every legal employer that might be of interest to them.

Advance Legal Jobs was created to fill this gap by providing a single, reliable database packed with thousands of up-to-date legal jobs that also includes the information necessary to apply directly to each and every legal job listing (without having to go through a third party search firm!).  The founders felt that is was important to include only direct-apply legal jobs to avoid duplicate submissions.  Moreover, once a job board opens up to recruiters, particularly on that allows for free legal job postings by employers, it seems to get overrun by the search firm listings.

To get as many jobs as possible for its members, the founders determined that an extensive legal jobs database had to be created using three distinct methods of obtaining job information:

  • Never charge legal employers to list in the generallegal job listings database, thereby removing any disincentives to posting open legal positions.
  • Using the most sophisticated technology possible, monitor and research thousands upon thousands of legal employers to determine when new legal jobs have been added or removed by those employers.
  • Hire a team of researches to work closely with an extensive and growing list of legal employers to get them to include each and every legal position in the jobs database.

The result of these efforts is the Advance Legal Jobs database that has literally thousands of legal positions, many of them unique, in both the U.S. and abroad. Combined with Advance Legal Job’s Law Firm Profiles section, real-time Job Alert feature, and our Legal Jobs Blog, everything an attorney or law student looking for a legal job might need can now be found in one centralized location.


Source by Adam Oliver

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