Advantages of Working For a Temp Agency


Job hunting is hard work, so anything that makes it just a little easier is a very good thing. Temp agencies can be the ideal way to make everything easier as you set about looking for more work. The advantages are numerous, but too many people avoid temp agencies because they aren’t really sure of how to use them or they think they don’t need help looking for work.

So, why would you join a temp agency if you can seek out jobs on your own? Let’s take a look at the many advantages of working for one of these agencies.

Wider audience. While you can certainly find your own job opportunities on job boards like Monster, or in the local papers, the number of potential positions you can try for is limited. You’re just one person, so it’s literally impossible for you to check out all the possibilities. Also, many companies never advertise their vacancies, they develop contacts at temp agencies and whenever they are in need of short-term help, they simply let the agency know. This means that if you are working with the temp agency, you are instantly expanding your potential job search to companies that never would have advertised in the papers anyway.

Faster results. As mentioned above, you are just one person, so it stands to reason that you’ll be able to get faster results if there are ten times as many people seeking out jobs for you. While a temp agency isn’t going to be looking just for you, if you have a top notch resume and are ready to go, you should be pretty high on the list. Also, agencies work hard to cultivate a trustworthy reputation so clients know they can trust them to send over the best persons for the job, which will boost the chances of the agency getting more jobs coming in. The best temp agencies will be constantly receiving calls for new employees, which means you could land a job very quickly if you have the right qualifications.

Support. If you choose your temp agency with care, you’ll find that if something goes wrong with a job, you’ll have backup with the people who work the agency. This can be very useful since it often gives you more of a legal leg to stand on should something happen with the job you were assigned. Not all agencies offer their support, though, so do be careful to check this before you sign up with one. Find out what they require from employees and what their policy is if you have complaints about a position. You will probably want to know what they do if the opposite is true, as well, if the company complains about you.

Flexibility. One of the biggest advantages of working for a temp agency is that you aren’t going to be in any job for long. In fact, part of your job description is moving from one workplace to another in rapid succession! For those who find themselves feeling claustrophobic in one job after a few months or a year, this can be the perfect solution. You won’t ever be bored for long in any one job.

Temp agencies can really help you out with finding work. Despite the fact most jobs are temporary, on occasion you may be offered the position permanently, so this isn’t a bad way to go, even if you plan on building a proper career in one location later on. You might find your future career right under your nose. You’ll never know unless you check it out.


Source by Martha Vasquez

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