Best Cities to be a Massage Therapist

The best cities to be a massage therapist are the locations where there are the most diverse job opportunities, cultural offerings and educational advantages. The fact is that this job is expected to see great employment increases. You can be a massage therapist anywhere in the world, even on a cruise ship sailing the seas, but some cities are better than others. The following are considered the best cities to be a massage therapist in the United States:

1. Dallas, Texas: This is considered one of the best cities to be a massage therapist because it is a major business and cultural center where massage therapists can explore many different health care settings such as hotels, resorts, spas and wellness centers. There are many career opportunities and average salaries start at $39,000 for recent graduates.

2. Houston, Texas: This is the fourth largest city in the United States, and it has become a multicultural hub of education, performing arts, sports and tourism. Starting salaries of $38,000 and abundant career opportunities make this an excellent location to practice the healing arts.

3. Phoenix, Arizona: With so many chiropractic clinics, fitness centers, health care facilities, medical offices, resorts and spas catering to professional athletes, retirees and vacationers, this desert city is ideal for massage therapists. Average salaries of $42,000 and great demand for massage therapists sweeten the deal.

4. San Diego, California: It’s easy to see why this is one of the best cities to be a massage therapist just from the warm, sunny beaches that call to vacationers year round. People love healthy living here, and there is a huge resort and spa tourism industry, so a massage school degree can help you earn a $42,000 average salary and a steady job.

5. Seattle, Washington: This northwest coastal city has the highest average salaries for massage therapists at $45,000, and local residents tend to embrace the healing arts. There are both public and private massage therapy practices to choose from throughout the city.

These top five best cities to be a massage therapist include sprawling metropolises, a desert oasis and coastal hot spots. They are all excellent cities to begin or continue a career as a massage practitioner.

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