Best Entry Level Telecommuting Jobs


There are many telecommuting jobs available in the area of telephone customer service. Compared to many positions, they are easier to get, because many of them provide on-the-job-training and require little experience. Most of theses companies offer flexible hours, and usually require between a twelve and forty hour workweek. Some even offer benefits. Other companies consider you an independent business owner or contractor.

When considering a telephone customer service job, you should have a separate phone line for business purposes, a headset phone and possibly a high-speed internet connection (depending on the company, some require this).

There are two basic types of phone customer service positions: inbound and outbound. If you have an inbound position, you are waiting for calls to be transferred to you by the company that are initiated by the customer. In outbound service, you are given a list of customers to call. These are pre-existing customers, instead of cold calling.

Alpine Access is one company that hires inbound customer service employees. They provide customer service via phone, e-mail and chats. They require any prospective employees to have high speed internet, a landline and a phone with a headset. They do pay every two weeks (average of $9 an hour) by direct deposit and offer benefits after three months. They are only hiring in a few states, despite being a telecommuting position, so be sure to check if the opportunity is available in your state.

Customer Loyalty Concepts hires outbound phone customer service employees. They focus on two main types of business: newspaper subscriptions (renewals) and business-to-business sales, with the goal of increasing the client base. They require employees to have unlimited long distance phone service, but provide training (they have a special dialing system so the calls don’t go on your bill). They pay every other week by check or direct deposit (direct deposit available after 90 days). They do provide paid training, starting at $7 an hour, with the potential to make $11 an hour. CLC does not currently hire in all states, but they do not list all the states in which they do hire.

Liveops is in inbound customer service job, but you are considered an independent agent or business owner, as opposed to an employee. As a Liveop agent, you will receive calls from customers wanting help with Liveop services. Pay is based on actual talk time on the phones, averaging from $7 to $10 an hour, in addition to bonuses and incentives. Agents are paid twice a month, by check or direct deposit. While there is no start-up fee, there is a $30 fee for background check. Liveops hires in the forty-eight contiguous states.


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