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California is home to several significant economic areas including Hollywood, aka entertainment, agriculture (mostly in the California Central Valley), computers and technology (Silicon Valley and other areas in Northern California) and wine, which is produced in such regions as Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and Southern California’s Santa Barbara and Paso Robles. From the predominant industry, agriculture, to the often-followed Hollywood, opportunities for internships are abundant in the golden state. There are also plenty of options to intern in places near the ocean for those who enjoy the fresh air and ocean breeze. At Internzoo you will find one of the best available internships in California like summer internships in California, paid internships in California, fashion internship in California and more at .

Internzoo lists positions for many industries in California, from marketing to entertainment (which includes film, television, and music) to non-profit organizations to finance to publishing – the list goes on. To see all available internships  in California like, paid summer internships in California or summer fashion internships in California or other internships, simply click (from the drop down menu) or select California as your location and leave all other criteria unchecked. Internships in California can often times can be quite relaxed compared to internships on the east coast, so this can be an advantage depending on your personality.

Internship programs are of course quite different depending on the company, so it is important to do your homework. If you are looking for internship programs in California like, summer fashion internships in California, paid internship in California, magazine internships in California, music internships in California, college internships in California, sports internships in California etc. Then visit us at and take a step forward to the best job opportunities.

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