Companies Recruiting Physical Therapists for the USA


Reputable physical therapist recruiting companies provide highly qualified physical therapists job opportunities in top healthcare facilities in USA. These medical staffing companies recruit the best personnel for their clients in the healthcare sector.

Outstanding Staffing Solutions

The companies recruiting physical therapists for the USA maintain close contacts with all top healthcare facilities in the country. They are therefore promptly informed about the available as well as upcoming physical therapist job opportunities. To recruit talented and dynamic candidates in different healthcare settings, these staffing companies maintain an experienced panel of recruiters and consultants. They efficiently manage each and every aspect of the recruiting process including preliminary screening, candidate sourcing and interviewing.

The invaluable services of these recruiting companies enable healthcare providers to skirt the expenses involved in placing job advertisements and also save the time and effort needed for carrying out the lengthy staffing procedures.

Permanent and Temporary Placements

Physical therapist recruiting companies help dynamic and talented physical therapists to secure placements on a temporary, permanent, short-term or long-term basis in healthcare centers, or other private and public organizations in the USA. These include hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes, long-term care centers, home healthcare agencies, educational institutions and government agencies. Physical therapists with the right skill can enjoy excellent remuneration and additional benefits including:

• Section 125 Cafeteria plan
• Paid housing
• 401 (k) retirement savings plan
• Short-term disability insurance
• Professional liability insurance
• Additional state license
• Continuing education programs
• Healthcare insurance
• Immigration and visa processing assistance (for foreign candidates)

Obtain Physical Therapists Jobs in the Right Settings

To find suitable job openings in the USA, physical therapists should associate with a recognized healthcare recruiting company. Registering on their website helps access their online jobs database, which contains information about the employment opportunities available for physical therapists. Professional recruiting companies would be able to offer their clients, whether recruit or recruiter, solutions that meet the prescribed criteria, time and budget.


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