Criminal Justice Degree – Can it Really Help Me Become a Police Officer?


I get a little upset when I see an online ad telling people that in order to become a police officer, they must get a criminal justice degree. What a bunch of baloney. Those ads are completely false and the FTC need to shut them down for false advertisement. You see although a criminal justice degree is great, it’s really not necessary to become a cop. If you have common sense, at least 21, clean record with no felony convictions, and have good communication skills, you can become a police officer.

Now it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are a series of exams that you must pass in order to get the job, but ultimately not having a criminology degree will not disqualify you. Can it help? Absolutely if your test scores are comparable to another candidate, and you’re the only one with a degree. But the chances of that happening is slim as the competition is fierce and many applicants are either college grads or military recruits.

To be quite honest with you the hiring panel doesn’t really look at your degree, they put more emphasis on how well you did on the police oral board interview. You see the oral exam will make you or break you. If you do well and get high marks from the raters on the board, you’ll likely leap frog the competition and rise to the top of the hiring list. So before you enroll in one of those over priced universities, try focusing your attention and energy on preparing for the oral board interview instead. If you score high on the oral exam, you’ll get hired. It’s really that simple.

In conclusion, if you want to become a police officer as quickly as possible the only thing you need to worry about is getting a top score on the Oral Board Interview. Luckily getting a top score on the oral exam is not as difficult as you think if you some how discover exactly what the board members are going to ask you. You see, all you have to do to prepare for the oral board is to get a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked police interview questions and answers found here:


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