Easy Fundraising for Schools, Church Groups and Non-Profits


A few years ago I was the Treasurer of the Cotuit-Marstons Mills Elementary School PTO. One of the biggest obstacles I faced in my role as Treasurer was finding the right kind of fund-raising for our school’s PTO. In my experience, fund-raisers, like Sally Foster (wrapping paper) or Art to Remember, could be very successful, but once the fund-raising event concluded so did our revenue stream. Every fund-raising event I found could not provide recurring revenues.

I am now a part of Shaklee, a company that has a 50 year heritage and was founded by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee in 1956. Shaklee has sold over 500 million products. It has developed and sold one of the first bio-degradable non-toxic cleaners – Basic H. It is the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.. The company has invested over $250 million in research & development and clinical testing and performs over 83,000 tests for product quality annually.

Well, recently, Shaklee has introduced a fund-raising program that can:

  1. Provide a consistent revenue stream that can work 24/7/365 !
  2. Minimize effort in planning & staffing.
  3. Offer a way for everyone to get involved.

We can offer you a sustainable fund-raising solution through a “Cause Marketing”¬†Partnership program.

Shaklee has over 300 products in their various lines – products like Household Cleaners, Personal Care Products, Vitamins, and Weight Loss Systems. By offering Shaklee products to your family of members and supporters, your organization can raise substantial funds. That’s because we pay you not just once, but every time one of your families purchases from Shaklee through your organization. Since the average family spends $25 to $100 per month on these products, each family that redirects their spending to your organization could result in up to $1200 of spending per year! (2004 GuideStar Survey)

Now imagine if your organization achieved participation from only 25 members and families. If each family made purchases of $100 per month here’s how much your organization could receive:

25 families @ $100/month = $2500 in spending x 20% commissions=$ 500 monthly bonus. That’s $6,000 per year potential! What if you could get 100 families to participate? Then your organization could raise $24,000 per year!

Does all of this sound interesting? Well it takes less than 20 minutes to learn more. Visit wendyreboyd.myshaklee.com to see a short video that will give you an informative overview of the program.

Harvey Cox once said “Not to decide is to decide.” This is not an opportunity to think about. Don’t wait! This is the opportunity that can help your organization to raise the funds it needs to continue its important mission!


Source by Wendy Re Boyd

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