Employee Disengagement: What Should Employers Expect in 2010?

Two recently released studies suggest that workers today are generally disengaged. That certainly shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. And it’s not very difficult to understand why employees are discontented. Companies have been laying off employees in staggering numbers, salaries have been frozen, and bonuses are non-existent for many of us as a result of the recession. While one can argue that these types of measures have been necessary in order for companies to survive tough times, the studies suggest that employees feel neglected and as a result, some experts are predicting that employee turnover will rise in 2010 as the economy picks up.

Right Management, the talent and career management expert within Manpower, surveyed 904 workers in North America via an online poll that ran between October 19 and November 5, 2009. According to the survey, sixty percent of employees plan to leave their jobs when economic conditions get better.  Twenty-one percent of workers said maybe but they’ve updated their resumes. Six percent of those surveyed said that while it’s unlikely they’ll look for new jobs when the economy improves, they’ve updated their resumes. Thirteen percent of the workers surveyed said they intend to stay with their current employers. 

Similar results were found in another study by consulting firm Finnegan Mackenzie and business network ExecuNet. They polled 1,627 employed executives and found that more than ninety percent would take an executive recruiter’s call. In addition, more than fifty percent of the respondents said they are pursuing new job opportunities.

According to Douglas Matthews, president of Right Management, “Employees are clearly expressing their pent-up frustration with how they have been treated through the downturn. While employers may have taken the necessary steps to streamline operations to remain viable, it appears many employees may have felt neglected in the process. The result is a disengaged and disgruntled workforce.”

Companies seem to be waking up to the problem and many say they will start focusing on retaining the best employees. But if you’re one of those disgruntled employees, remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side so think long and hard before making a move. You may not actually have it that bad.

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