Employment Specialist – A Growing Career Field


A sample description of what an Employment Specialist does is listed below:

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Under general supervision, provides direct customer service to individuals, , and businesses. Interviews, assesses, and evaluates individuals and, including transitioning military personnel to ascertain qualifications and need for employment and training services. Ensures developing and filling employment openings meet business needs. Refers customers to employment and other state and community resources. Administers tests; assists, directs, and counsels job applicants and business customers; monitors progress in training; and enters data into computer system.


  • Provides services to individuals by coordinating and executing a broad range of individual services in accordance with Federal and State program guidelines, policies and regulations.
  • Interviews, assesses and evaluates customers to meet employment, training, and vocational needs, including program eligibility.
  • Confers with employers to develop and fill employment needs, obtain placement information, company specific information, and local labor trends.
  • Facilitates and provides intensive services to individuals with special employment and training needs, including assessments, career guidance, coordinating support services and targeted job development.
  • Conducts job matches on local job orders and FCJL listings for job referral purposes, and fosters cooperation for job listings from area Federal Contractors.
  • Develops and maintains resource information, and an effective network with local and state agencies in order to provide individuals and family members contact and provider
  • Develops and maintains paper and electronic case files to record services, expenditures, and performance, in accordance with standard record keeping, case noting and program requirements.
  • Forwards the vision and mission of the company by performing other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of state and federal statutes relative to employment, Agency programs and Veteran’s services.
  • Knowledge of department policies, customer service standards, and intra-agency and inter-agency protocols.
  • Knowledge of labor market information and the skill to obtain current employment and job resource information using a variety of multi media resources, particularly Internet services.
  • Knowledge of administering and interpreting interest, skills, and proficiency tools and of assessing employment issues and limitations.
  • Skills in public speaking, oral, written, and electronic communication, and record keeping.
  • Skills to establish appropriate rapport with partner services, and respect established protocol with government agencies and their staffs.
  • Knowledge of case management practices to determine needs, create reasonable plans, and follow clients through successful program completion.

The job trend grew rapidly in 2005 for Employment Specialist positions and has held steady with some growth through 2010.

The salaries can range from the mid $20,000 range to the $100,000 range depending on the skills required coupled with the responsibilities and as well, if the position is top level management.

The U.S. Department of Labor identifies “employment placement specialist” as one of the fastest-growing specialties of the coming decade. For people with strong interpersonal skills and a wide range of interests, this position offers the opportunity to connect eager employers with qualified workers.

Not only does this career offer significant job satisfaction, it usually pays a commission on the income of placed workers. Therefore, a busy employment specialist can earn a significant income by using her natural matchmaking talents.

Some online job boards – some list over 50,000 openings in any given day and some are much higher, with salaries in the rage as previously described.

You may find out more about the trends in the Employment Specialist field, the pre-requisites, and even find out who might be hiring in your area at sites like the previous one mentioned.

For the next ten years, for those with the talents to be an Employment Specialist the outlooks very promising.


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