Fiberglass Doors Vs. Wood Doors- Which Are Better?


Fiberglass doors and fiberglass frames are much more desirable than wood doors or frames for multiple reason. For one, Fiberglass is fire resistant up to 90 degrees, Wood practically burns to ash almost instantly. Fiber glass doors and windows are also highly preferred in chemical and water plants because of their sheer strength and durability. So you may ask, why is fiberglass so strong and chemical and water resistant? Well the answer to that is that fiberglass is made up of really fine fibers or glass. Fiber glass doors in particular are made up of fiber-reinforced polymer, which is super, super strong.

Not only are fiberglass doors and frames extremely strong and can withstand heavy wear and tear, but they also are a green material. They are a green material because fiberglass can be created out of reused and recycled crushed glass. It truly is a wonderful material. It not only can save thousands of trees that are used to construct wood doors and frames, but it can also save tons and tons of metals used to create metal doors and metal frames.

Fiberglass has a ton of different uses in today’s times. It can be used for thermal insulation, electrical insulation, crossbows, poles, doors, frames, heat resistant fabrics, clear rooftop panels, hockey sticks, surf boards, and many more uses. Fiberglass is surely becoming one of the hottest created materials since the invention of plastic. In conclusion, I really hope you realized the potential of fiberglass, and all the different uses that can come from it, and how it can be reused to save some of the trees in America.

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