Finding The Most Talented Legal Candidates Through Well Crafted Job Postings

Companies and law firms that require talented and qualified legal candidates on a continuous basis need to think about their hiring strategy if they wish to attract the most talented candidates. This often proves to be difficult when the advertisement strategy has not been well conceived and executed.

One of the best ways to attract qualified and talented candidates is through niche job boards that specialize in legal jobs. General boards do not provide targeted candidates. With well crafted job postings it is possible to find some of the best talent in the industry simply through these job boards.

Listed here are a few suggestions on things to consider while crafting job postings for finding and attracting legal talent:

  1. The importance of brand image: The best candidates will prefer to join companies with the strongest brand image. In order to attract these candidates it would be important to building a brand that will come across as an excellent working place for candidates. Build your brand by promoting the advantages offered to employees in the organization including the benefits package offered, the working conditions, flexible work hours, the growth opportunities provided and management support.
  2. The Job Description can make a huge difference: Job descriptions that are well thought out can make a huge difference in targeting the right candidates for any job profile. It can also help you rule out the less qualified candidates so you only have the best of the best to select from. Ideally, the job description should be concise and must only include the critical job requirements or qualifications for a candidate to be selected through the preliminary hiring stages.
  3. Engaging the candidates: Job postings that come across as boring will be most likely be ignored by the best candidates. It is therefore important to create job postings that are engaging and interactive. Usually, including a small task or activity for the candidate to perform in the job post will be very effective. Candidates may be asked to write a short bio on themselves or explain how they are the most suitable for the advertised position in the organization.
  4. Get the ad noticed: The last but very important step in the process is to ensure that the ad would be noticed on the job board among the hundreds that may be listed there. In order to ensure that it attracts the attention of your targeted candidate segment, ensure that the content of the job post as well as its title includes relevant keywords such as the niche law area, the qualification required etc. Some of the keywords that can be used are patent attorneys, lawyers, legal assistant with a mechanical engineering degree etc.

The reason why so many organizations lose the best talent to their competition is because their job postings are not intelligently crafted. With the suggestions given above it is possible to avoid this potential pitfall and ensure the best results from advertising on job boards. 

Source by Elizabeth Martinez

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