Firefighter Oral Board Interview

If you have made it to this step in the firefighter hiring process, you can taste that badge. That being said, the oral board interview is the most important step throughout the how process. As a veteran firefighter I have went through a couple of oral board interviews and want to help you.

You have to be prepared going into your interview, and show your confidence. Anxiety is going to be a major factor, but if your prepared you will do great. You should get a list of interview questions and practice them with a family member, the mirror, or even a tape recorder. You would be surprised how much this will help your confidence especially if your not a proficient public speaker.

Most oral board panels will consist of several members from rookie firefighters to chief officers. As an experienced firefighter that has set on several oral board panels, you must go in there and absolutely sell yourself. This is exactly what an interview is, you are trying to convince the panel you are the right person for the job. Preparation is the key to excellence, and that’s what it takes to get a firefighter job. You are entering one of the most rewarding careers in the world, so strive for excellence.

It time to get serious, I recommend investing in some great coaching programs that will show you how to get that top score. I never thought I would need coaching or study material just to pass an oral board interview. As soon as I prepared myself for my first interview I aced it. Everything I learned in the material and coaching I still use to evaluate candidates when interviewing them. I can tell when a candidate is prepared and when there not. So start now preparing for your next oral board interview…

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