Flat Fee Recruitment – A Popular Recruitment Option for Companies

Flat fee recruitment is fast becoming the recruitment norm in the industry all over the globe. It is emerging as the most preferred employment option for a vast majority of companies because of the inherent advantages that this recruitment process offers its users.

Flat fee is the fixed charge a company pays to a recruitment agency to fulfill their recruitment needs. The fees that are paid in this recruitment model are much lower than what a company would spend through a normal or traditional recruitment process. Flat fee recruitment packages do not include additional or hidden costs. The flat fee that is mutually agreed upon and the applicable taxes are the only costs the company will incur.

There are however, many recruitment packages available, depending on the size and budget of the organization. The most common flat fee recruitment package usually includes the advertising costs only. It involves the recruitment company advertising the jobs on a few major job boards for a fixed period of time.

Other flat fee recruitment packages include advertising the vacancies on all leading job boards, searching CVs of leading candidates’ databases on the internet and allowing the candidates to be directly selected by the clients. The recruiting company has the option to receive CVs of screened candidates which can be used by the HR department to narrow down the list still further. The flat fee recruitment package can also include arranging for the interviews to be conducted and collecting feedbacks from both the sides.

Flat fee recruitment is gaining immense popularity because it is considered the cheapest way to recruit the best talent available in the pool of candidates. An ideal flat fee recruitment package must include multiple job board postings that will obviously include all major job portals. Manual response management and filtering the candidates to eliminate the bad ones at the early stage and listing the best talent for the final stage is also part of many flat fee packages.

Flat fee recruitment services use advance techniques and software such as applicant tracking system and CV parsing. They determine beforehand the exact recruitment needs of their clients and use the information to frame the right type of online advertisement to attract the best candidates.

Flat fee recruitment is a popular and absolutely transparent recruitment system and has the potential to become the preferred recruitment process by employers the world over.

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