How to get Free Scrap Metal Forever in Under 5 Minutes

As a long term scrapper, I under stand that being a scrap metal removal service requires a lot of “searching”.  Always asking yourself the question, where can I find some free scrap metal?  There’s a million places in the world where a scrapper can find some free metal, but what if there was a place you could get free scrap metal FOREVER.

The answer is the new Scrap Metal Forum which is a place where scrap metal removal services post their services for free, and people who are in need of this service can find them.   There couldn’t be an easier way to get free scrap metal than this.

This forum is brand new and was recently launched on July 4, 2010.  It’s a one of a kind resource, their slogan reads “A place for people who want scrap metal, and people who don’t”.  Pretty straight forward if you ask me, being a life long scrapper this is one of the best resources I’ve come across in decades.

This forum is very simple and easy to use.  It’s seperated into various categories including, scrap metal removal services, scrap metal offered and more.  Each of these forum categories is divided up each of the 50 states for localized service offerings.

Not only can you let more potential customers know you’re available to haul away junk metal, but it’s completely free to sign up and post.  This is certainly a service anybody in the metal recycling business could benefit from, and in my opinion should be worth a hefty price.

Home owners and business owners scour this website looking for this type of service as it’s not an easy service to find.  Not only that, but your posting stays forever, meaning you can get scrap metal free for life!

The more scrap metal services posted in various categories, the more popular this forum will become which will mean more free scrap for you.

The sign up is easy, and is the best free investment a scrap metal removal guy can make.  You post once, and get free metal forever.

Source by Adam Roy

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