How to Identify a good or bad online job board


The web is gradually becoming the easiest medium of advertising job openings. In the same vein it is now one of the quickest and easiest tool that help job seekers around the world to find their dream job.

While this record-breaking invention has proved to be the most effective and convenient means, which job seekers use to stay connected with employers, it has in some case become a safe heaven for scammers and people with different nefarious activities who tries to compromise its safety.

Nowadays, there seem to be a proliferation of online job boards. The Internet is filled with job site or online job boards.

Some of these sites are no doubt very powerful, efficient, robust, and result oriented. On the other hand, most of the jobsite operate below standard and do more harm to jobseekers than good.

To identify an authentic job board that delivers what it promises becomes very difficult. It is therefore imperative to give job seekers and employers few tips on how to identify a good job board.

Here are few point to note:

Features of a Good online job board:

* Clear and concise message for users to find their ways around the site
* Has inbuilt security measure to protect users account
* User – friendly interface
* All services are free for job seekers
* Job postings are up to date.
* Efficient job search features
* Has built in Job filters
* Not filled with affiliate ads.

* Comes with advanced features such as; resume search by employers, job notification, efficient content management system, FREE resume submission, resume alert for employers
* Features listings from reputable employers
* Respects users privacy.
* Site has online popularity and ranking.

Features of a bad online job board:

* No clear message for job seekers and employers
* Too many affiliate advertisement
* No clear site map and navigation
* Paid affiliate adverts are placed on site to deceive unsuspecting job seeker.
* Lack of quality job placements
* Poor and deceptive search functionality that takes job seekers to paid affiliate advertising.
* Lack of user –friendliness
* No inbuilt efficient security measure to protect users account
* Lots of bad grammar and spelling mistakes
* Lack of quality job postings on the job board.
* Outdated job postings
* Lack of job postings from reputable employers.
* Few job ads on the job site.
* Site lacks online popularity and ranking.
* No job filters. Allow any kind of job posting including scam
* Unorganized information and poor user interface.
* Require job seekers to pay before they are allowed to submit resume.
* Charge job seekers for membership.

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