How to Land a Job in Pharmaceutical Sales


Pharmaceutical companies always look for exceptional sales people to represent them. A college degree, a strong work ethic, and good communication skills, both verbal and written, are some of the pre-requisites for a pharmaceutical sales representative. There are around 85,000 pharmaceutical sales reps in the United States. In this brief article, we’ll discuss how you can achieve a position as a sales representative and tap into this great market.

* Word of mouth – The best way to fill an opening is through a word of mouth recommendation. By keeping your eyes and ears open, you might find an opportunity where you least expect it. For instance, one representative learned about an unadvertised position from her physician.

* Hire executive recruiters – You can get a good job by coming through a recruitment agency. Many recruitment agents specialize in pharmaceutical sales and they know about the positions before they’re even advertised.

* Answer newspaper ads – Make sure that you check out your local newspapers. Although a great many positions aren’t advertised, companies will occasionally need to hire someone quickly and will go the newspaper route. If you’re on the lookout for these advertised positions, you won’t miss out on these great opportunities.

* Network with sales reps – Take some time to network with current representatives. Take some time to get to meet some sales people and they will not only provide you with valuable information but might steer you toward advertised and unadvertised career opportunities.

* Go online – There are literally hundreds of job search boards that are available. Some, like Phamboard, specialize in matching employers with qualified companies. Make sure that you visit these on a regular basis and be prepared to submit your resume.

In conclusion, you can obtain the pharmaceutical sales position of your choice. By going online, networking with sales reps, answering newspaper ads, hiring executive recruiters, and utilizing word of mouth advertising.


Source by Ryan Stewart

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