How to Post your Job Online to attract the best candidate?


Placing ads in the classified section of a newspaper daily or Sunday special is quite passé. Even though many businesses still continue to leverage this medium, most progressive employers are now relying on online job boards, specialized job boards and professional websites to post their HR requirements. For example, there are an increasing number of well developed tech job portals in which thousands of IT firms post openings for web design jobs, QA jobs, software jobs, etc.

Furthermore, employers can also use their company website to attract job applications online. Posting jobs online provide employers with massive opportunities in engaging with some of the best talent across geographical boundaries.

The best part is, that these postings are not limited with criteria such as cost of per column each, per word, etc. This gives employers the freedom to make the most of the space to provide a more elaborate job posting that attracts the right talent.

Before you start using your newly purchased job postings online, it is important that you understand the core objective and the nitty-gritty’s of making an effective post.

Job postings are essentially advertisements that aim to inform active and passive job seekers that your business has a position that needs to be filled. Here are some distinct purposes of a job posting –

1. Your post must contain a written summary or overview of the requirement you have also mention the qualifications that you are looking for in your applicants.

2. Your online posting must be able to highlight the specific knowledge, academic background, work experience, physical requirements if any and other specifications that you believe that the filler of this position must possess.

3. Your online post must also contain relevant information about your company, its culture, the environment it has to offer, employee benefits available and the compensation that you are offering.

4. Postings can also be used to summarize the industry your business belongs in and the role this position will play in addressing common challenges.

5. Much like an SEO strategy, your online job posting must focus on specific keywords that are sought for when your potential applicant is making a job search online.

Furthermore, by setting the correct impression on the internet, businesses are also able to facilitate word-of-mouth recruiting after job applicants share openings and postings through email and social networking websites.

Where to make the Postings

consider posting openings on websites that are provided by your state government or on private job boards. Also do not ignore the benefits of posting ads on the websites of newspaper companies that are popular in your area.


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