Is Resume Distribution Service Worth the Cost?

Remember the days of printing out your resume and cover letter on high quality paper and actually mailing it to a potential employer? These days almost all job applications are done online. The process of manually submitting your employment history on several different websites can be very tedious and time consuming. With that in mind, resume distribution services have emerged.

Basically, with a resume distribution service you pay a fee to have your resume submitted to hundreds of recruiters and job boards. These companies already have a network of recruiters and hiring managers, so you don’t waste your time figuring out whom to send your information to.

Many wonder if the cost of these services is worth it. With tight budgets these days, corners are being cut everywhere, but a resume distribution service may be a worthy expense. You know the expression “time is money”? If you haven’t performed a job search recently, you may be in for a surprise when you realize the hours spent looking for jobs online. Not only is a significant amount of time spent searching for websites, recruiters, and manager to send your resume to, but manually entering your data is exhausting.

Did you know about 75% of all jobs are filled without ever being advertised online? That means even if you spend hours online applying for jobs, you are not even considered for a majority of available positions. If you just post your resume on the big job boards you’ll be lost in the sea of the other 40 million resumes on those sites. This is where the big advantage of resume distribution services lie.

When you post your resume on job boards it’s up to the recruiter to search through the hundreds, or even thousands, of resumes. When you utilize a resume distribution service your resume is directly delivered to a network of hiring professionals in your area of expertise. Some of the companies even provide you with a “who’s who” list of recruiters, so that you can even contact them directly. This gives you a great advantage when searching for a new job. This method is targeted, proactive approach which will increase your chances of landing a new job.

In today’s tough job market you need every advantage you can get. While $50 spent on resume distribution may seem like a lot – think of the additional time it would take you to apply to hundreds of jobs. You could have your resume marketed to hundreds of potential employers and recruiters in just one day! There are probably hundreds of resume distribution services on the internet, but the ones with the highest reputation for quality service have been reviewed and ranked by The reviewers chose these companies for listing due to their number of years in business, their satisfaction guarantees, and the overall reputation of the service. Compare the prices, features, and customer ratings of the top online resume distribution services at

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