Job Search Optimization for Employers for Heavy Equipment & Diesel Mechanic Trades

Are you considering posting a job ad to fill a vacancy? What is your first instinct? Post on Monster? Post in any classified listing? Before diving into job boards consider this: according to US Department of Labour 80% of all job searches begin with a Google Search.  Most new job candidates begin their job search with Google to identify relevant job boards, new job opportunities, and recruitment agencies related to their skills and experience.

How can you effectively use Google to Seek a Recruitment Agency or Job Board Resource

For an employer it is important to think along the same lines as a job seeker.

Effective job seekers first identify job boards, and recruitment agencies that offer relevance to their job search. For example a Heavy Equipment Mechanic Candidate may search for jobs in their industry with the Google keyword search “Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs.” They will identify which job boards/recruitment agencies offer the highest visibility among these keyword searches.  The search “Heavy equipment mechanic jobs” displays the following job sites on the 1st page of Google:,, Hotjobs, MySpace, and Simply Hired.

Job seekers normally then subconsciously evaluate the quality of the job board/agency on a number of important factors. They take into account the number of job opportunities,  how focused the jobs are in their trade, convenience to their residence, variety in different industries, and value of registering their resume open to potential employers in the future.

Why use Maizis & Miller in your search for Mechanics & Managers in the Heavy Equipment and Diesel Truck skilled trades

Maizis & Miller is a leader in recruitment of Heavy Equipment & Diesel Truck mechanics. They recognize the important of high search visibility and have built a strong Google search presence with news associations, press releases, affiliate partners, and the creation of an industry leading resource and social community dedicated to mechanics –

Their approach to technology allows them to be recognized as an industry leader in staffing of Heavy Equipment, and Diesel Mechanic and Management personnel.  They currently maintain a  Google 1st page ranking on major job search keyword strings- ie. “Mechanic Jobs”, “Heavy Equipment Mechanic Jobs”, “Heavy Truck Jobs”, etc….  These keywords are searched over 500,000 times every month in Google.  Our site also allows your specific jobs to be indexed to Google. So when a potential candidate is looking for a specific position that matches his experience and your job requirements Maizis & Millers gives you a platform to get your job noticed and attract qualified candidates quickly and effectively.

Source by Vishal Singh

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