Jobs For Felons – Instant Jobs With No Background Checks


So your past is not so good, perhaps you did a few things when you were younger you should not have. But once you have done your time and your ready to move onward and upwards it can be incredibly hard trying to find an decent employer who is actually willing to give you a chance and take you on.

There are quite a few companies out there who are more than prepared to hire an ex felon but finding them can be next to impossible at the best of times. All to often when you do manage to find an employer who is advertising jobs for felons the job itself can be a “Bottom of the Barrel” type position. A position that is still available because nobody else wanted it.

What you are about to read will have you hired, working and earning within as little as an hour from now. The employers you are about to read about will take you on instantly regardless of where you live, your convictions, what qualifications you may or may not have and there definitely wont be any background checks. The best part is the work is as easy as it comes and the pay is more than you ever dreamed of making.

So what are these dream jobs?

They are online “Get Paid To” jobs, basically jobs where you get paid for completing tasks like taking online surveys. These are now the hottest jobs on the planet for anyone that is having trouble finding decent employment that pays well, and for good reason too.

There are thousands of market research companies out there that need to know what consumers are thinking, and they are willing to pay you very well for your opinion.

Starting out you can expect to make at least $40 per hour by simply giving your opinion on various subjects and products. There are even online focus groups you can get invited to once you have done a few surveys that will pay you $300 for two and a half hours work. Bet you cant find a job like that anywhere else.

All that you will be doing is simply filling out forms or clicking check boxes for surveys on things like what type of movies or dvd’s you prefer, what your favorite restaurants are and even things like what your opinion is of certain countries. These jobs are so easy to do even teenagers are doing them. And the best part is there is an unlimited supply of them for you to do if you join a few different survey companies.

Although these sound like a dream come true and the end to your financial worries there are some serious pitfalls when it comes to making a decent regular daily income.

Which companies that you decide to complete surveys for makes all the difference, join the wrong survey companies and you will be lucky if you make enough money each day for a loaf of bread. Join the right ones and you are seriously in the money.

All survey companies will offer the big bucks to suck you in but at the end of the day there are only a very small number of them that actually deliver on their promises.

Most survey companies are totally free to join but some companies charge for the service of supplying you with surveys. Stay away from the “Pay to Join” one’s until you are well skilled at picking surveys.


Source by Will Knight

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