Jobs in the Hotel and Catering Industry in London


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Jobs in the hotel and catering industry in London are some of the most sought after hospitality and restaurant jobs in the world. London, a city with over seven million people, is one of the world’s most influential business cities in the world. It is a top tourist destination, too. It is an estimate that 13 percent of the city’s workforce has employment in some form of the tourism industry. Visitors to the city spend £15 billion each year. As you can see, London hotel and catering jobs are secure.

A number of facilities are available to work at. Jobs in the hotel and catering industry range from high-end luxury facilities to small, budget shops. Skill and experience often define the individual’s ability to obtain the more lucrative positions.

In the catering industry, many fine dining locations require caterers to provide service for large events, weddings, business conferences and special gatherings. Individuals can find catering jobs in hotels and fine dining restaurants. In addition, many private caterers also employ individuals to provide service duties. Those who are very ambitious, have experience and an ability to invest in the trade may even wish to start their own catering job here.

In the hotel industry, London offers many exciting opportunities. From concierge jobs to housekeeping staff, each of the many hotels scattered throughout the city of London require a full staff. Cities just outside the city limits are also popular locations for apartments or hotel facilities. Jobs in the hotel industry in London range in pay from minimal pay for housekeeping positions to host pay and higher. Many times, the most lucrative positions are those allowing tips.

Individuals who are interested in jobs in the hotel and catering industry in London should first invest in formal training. A degree in hospitality management at one of the UK’s universities is an option for management positions in this industry. Often, an individual fresh out of school will spend some time in an apprenticeship prior to moving towards full time work. For those dedicated to working with people and those willing to invest the time in training, these industries can offer a lifelong career.

Applications for positions in hotel and catering positions are often available online through recruitment Jobsites and Job boards. You may wish to visit the facilities and familiarize yourself with them prior to applying for the position. Even in slow economic times, the demand for high quality, well-trained and professional individuals in this industry is high. Positions are often high turnover positions, too, especially those that are entry level. Therefore, keep applying to get your foot in the door. Jobs in the hotel and catering industry in London allow you to be part of one of the most magical cities in the world.


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