Jobs Offshore Hiring Booming Thanks To Rising Oil Prices


Jobs Offshore are among the most sought after in the oil and gas industry, and for good reason. It is exciting work, and an adventure. The pay is extreme (experienced offshore drilling jobs can pay upwards of 100k). Even entry level jobs offshore can pay over 60k. The friendship is like being in the military; your pal has your back, and you have his. When working jobs offshore, you can to work in new and exotic destinations.

Most, if not all, jobs offshore come with a good benefits package – health and life insurance, 401k, the works. The exceptions are well paid positions like underwater welder; you are paid a day rate or a per job rate (that can approach $900.00 a day in some locations ). With that kind of wage, one can buy his own benefits.

Jobs Offshore can be deadly – before you set foot on the rig, you’ll have to endure safety training and helicopter survival training. All nineteen employees survived. You will find the contest to get a high paying oil rig job is tough, especially for entry level positions, but if you know where to send your CV or Resume, and who to talk to, then it all becomes a lot easier.

The hardest thing about getting jobs offshore is landing the first hitch – it seems most companies need offshore experience more than even oil rig experience. Luckily, there are corporations that hire for entry level jobs offshore, such asroustabouts and roughnecks. In the US, this will be in Houston, Texas, and Lafourche, Louisiana.

Additionally, Transocean is now hiring as well. There are literally hundreds of offshore drilling contractors worldwide ; if you apply at each one of them, you are bound to get work, because in the end, it’s a numbers game – but endurance is necessary, particularly in this economy.

In the intermediate-long term, the requirement for jobs offshore is only going to go up. World energy demand will resume increasing as we emerge from this recession, and the wage rates for offshore workers will resume their upward spiral as well. It’s an amazing career, full of excitement and stories which will last a whole life.

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