List of Fundraising Ideas

Going for a list of fundraising ideas, think of both traditional as well as out of box ideas. The age old and tired methods of traditional fundraising events including product sales give as much opportunity as the powerful new fundraisers. People go for both candle selling as well as website fund raisings to garner funds for a cause.

Fund raising ideas vary from group to group depending on their age and purposes. The groups range from schools, churches and other large non-profit organizations to smaller groups like sports teams and marching bands. And the list of ideas varies accordingly.

Choice of the event

Fundraising Ideas are invariably related to choice of the event. A planned and well organized event helps you to get more than the target. The events that can capture the imagination most and ensure more fund are:

Non Uniform Day – on the occasion give a donation to attend school / college in your own clothes.
Fashion Show involving volunteers
Organizing a concert / play / Musical Evening
Trivia Quiz – Pop / Sport / General Knowledge / etc.
Job Swaps – We all feel at times we can do better than the boss. Auction the MD’s / Head of Department’s / Cleaner’s job for an afternoon.
Fancy Dress Competition 
Guess the Baby competition – photos of the staff / colleagues as babies.
Book Sale
It’s a Knock Out
Five / seven a side football / rugby / hockey / etc.
Sponsored Walk  and running events like Marathon, Walkathon, Slimathon


Planning is imperative to choose from many areas for your fundraising event and make your fund raising a grand success. Allow plenty of times to look at various aspects of challenge before you. Before organizing the event get yourself adequately versed with friends, colleagues, and management seeking support and advice. Planning entails you to

keep a tab on the following,

Whether you have the people to make all parts of the project run smoothly?
If the event involve costs to get off the ground?
Arrange a perfect date.
Resources required and at the disposal
Publicizing and promoting the event
Deciding on pros and cons


Promote the event at every place be it the work notice boards, company magazines peer group meetings, libraries or local shops. Never miss a chance of advertising the event. Use local radio, TV, news papers and leaflets for effective reach. Promotion include

following facets

What the event is
Who is involved?
Why the event is taking place
When, where and what time?
Contact name for further information

To get Sponsors

Set your sponsorship target and seek help from friends. Start your sponsorship well in advance. Always maintain a record of your sponsors and donations.
List of fund raising ideas are too comprehensive to put in one place. Examples are quite often that out of box ideas worked as better as the tutored or guided events.

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