Low Cost Resume Distribution Services

Resume distribution services can be a great way for you to get your resume in the hands of many potential employers fairly quickly, but some resume distribution services will cost more than others so it is helpful to know what the low cost resume distribution services are. While sometimes in life the saying, You get what you pay for, certainly applies, when it comes to resume distribution there are many quality services that will not cost you an arm and a leg and will still be effective.

In fact there are a number of free resume distribution services that are available for anyone to use however you may want to pay a little something for the luxury. The reason you may want to pay a little versus using a free service is that with the free services you may not be getting the best quality leads and your resume may be getting sent to employers that are not relevant to your desires.

While conducting a Google or Ping search for low cost resume distribution services will provide you with many leads, taking the time to go through all of these leads can be very time consuming and not a very effective use of your time. There are three resume distribution services though that seem to be mentioned more frequently than the rest and are on everyones top five or ten lists. These three favorites are:

Resume Spider: Resume Spider is constantly mentioned when it comes to quality and value. Their system is a targeted system in that they only send your resume to jobs that fit your specific resume and profile. This unique approach gives you more control over who sees your resume and ultimately what industry you will be going after. This saves time and hassles as your resume will do no good being sent out to any number of employers who are hiring, but not hiring for a job that interests you. Coming in at around $40 their unique approach to helping you landing your dream job is well worth the price.

My Resume Agent: My Resume Agent works much like Resume Spider only they specialize in getting your resume to targeted job recruiters within your industry. This again can save you time and by getting your resume to recruiters you may be privy to certain job openings before they are ever posted on the job boards. Even with their unique recruiter approach this resume distribution service still only costs around $50.

Jobs By Fax: As the name implies, Jobs By Fax will fax your resume to many potential employers who are seeking your skills. This service is not only cost effective but they also guarantee that you will receive at least 10 phone calls from potential employers within 72 hours of their services being conducted. This gives you a great no risk feeling while you are trying to land a job. At only around $30 to try, they truly offer you nothing to lose.

While getting your resume out to thousands of potential employers sounds great, remember you are only going to be interested in a certain job market. These three resume distribution services offer great value and their approach to a targeted audience may not have you resume going out to all the potential employers out there, but they will have your resume going out to all the important and relevant potential employers out there.

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