Neurology Jobs: Jobs in demand that require passion


. Neurology is supposedly the toughest branch of specializations in medicine.

Neurology professionals are always in high demand. Census has it that in US alone, there are close to 14,000 neurologists. Neurology has been broadly classified into two categories namely adult neurology and pediatric neurology. Majority of the neurologists are adult neurologists. Statistics shows that in US alone 72% of the neurologists are adult neurologists and there are about only a small 10% who call themselves as the child neurologists.

It is a fact that majority of the problems dealt by the neurologists are found in aged and elederly people. With increased life expectancy and also due to advancement in medical field, there is bound to be an increased need in for neurologists.

The salaries for neurologists are set ver high and the average salary for a neurologist ranges anywhere from $1, 60,000 and higher up. It varies depending on the experience and the demand for the neurologist. There are many choices for a neurologist. They could work in a clinical setup. They could also work in the research and development field.

Neurologists who opt to work in a clinical setup may have to join medical schools. Here the neurologist will treat the patients and also teach the students. There is also another option where the neurologist could only be teaching the students and need not be taking up clinical practice. With these innumerable options and a good pay, there are many who aspire to become neurologists.

There are other jobs such as neuro nurse, neuro practitioner nurse, neurology physician assistant which are all jobs related to the neurologists, but they are people who have studied the subjects at different levels. While the neuro nurses are those who have studied the services to be offered so that patients could recover soon, there are neurology physician assistants who are trained to take the case history of the patients, perform the relevant physical examination and other procedures.

The neurologist jobs have been one of the few jobs that have been least affected by the crisis in the markets. This goes to prove the importance of the neurologists. The risk involved in pursuing this job is the same as that of any other medical professional. Any negligence on the part of the neurologist could lead to serious legal problems.

There is a new trend of locums that is taking birth in the medical fraternity. This would involve the neurologists working with contracts with hospitals for a brief period. There are many full time neurologists who are finding being a neurologist locum far more convenient.

Neurology is a field that is gaining focus and there are many subspecialties cropping up due to this reason. Some of them are Neuromuscular medicine, neuropsychology, vascular neurology and many others.


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