Niche Job Boards: Their Correlation to Recruiting Success

We’ve all encountered what the industry terms as the “Job Board Giants.” These are the employment classifieds that are visited by the large volumes of people; but are they the highly targeted group of professionals who you need to fill your openings?

Working with a quality, well-marketed, niche job board to perform a micro-focused career search for your next new hire is “the new essential strategy” of savvy hiring managers and HR departments. These specialized sites can focus on a particular industry, a segment of a certain field, or even hiring for a specific position.

Niche job sites that continuously reach out to the targeted professionals to direct them to their job site, through creative techniques often forgotten by the general employment boards, greatly benefit both employers and prospective hires.

A solid niche job board offers employers the following unique services:

~ Cost-effective job posting.
~ Cost for annual access period, under $5000.00.
~ Access to a team of well connected contingency recruiters for positions which are especially difficult to fill.
~ A contingency fee of less than 10% of the first year’s annual salary.
~ A job board with recruiting presence, that can literally serve as a “virtual human resources department” in the absence of the hiring manager.
~ The opportunity to “try before you buy” to ensure the niche board works for your staffing situation.
~ Offers you a volume discount program, if you’re making multiple job postings per month.

Are you receiving all of the aforementioned services from your current job board and recruiting solutions combined?

If not, it’s time to consider a niche job board and recruiting combination, that will position you to win the war on talent; at overall cost that will easily gain approval from your accounting department.

There are several important reasons employers are moving toward the niche job boards:

1. received targeted resumes
2. spend less time weeding through under qualified applicants
3. niche boards are not cost prohibitive
4. hiring managers have the option to post and fill their own jobs, or bring in the qualified team of staffing specialists for “hard to fill” positions.

Whether you’re currently utilizing the major “general employment” job boards with success, or you’re completely frustrated with your company’s recruiting strategies, niche job boards are the wave of the future, and the answer to saving your own precious time and energy.

Source by Christina Archer

Author: admin