Non for Profit

Non For Profit

Non for profit is a charity on profit is another way of saying not for profit but is sometimes used to describe a for profit that is having losses. Non for profit insurers (mutuelles) try to differentiate themselves from private insurers on the basis of the so-called “fraternal” (the French word is “solitaire”, aimed at indicating that the contract is not risk-rated, but also invoking a religious connotation of fraternity, a working class connotation of friendly societies, as well as a political connotation of redistribution) : they designed a charter forbidding underwriting as well as exclusion for conditions. A non for profit is a corporation, but one that relies on good will and public interest. As with any industry, working for a non for profit will offer situations that will both excite and aggravate you. In anticipation of searching for or accepting a non for profit job, you should spend adequate time investigating and weighing the benefits and drawbacks of the position, so you are prepared for what lay ahead.

Special attributes are key for the individuals who choose to work in this environment, and the sooner those traits are recognized by the human resource non for profit management team, the more likely the organization will retain its valued employees. It is crucial that the professionals in human resources at non for profit jobs do what is necessary to take the organizations temperature when its time to assess employee morale. The human resources non for profit professional can address retention issues before they develop by asking employees what motivates them and what type of recognition suits them. Other options to keep in mind include: Tuition reimbursements for employees who participate in professional development opportunities Subsidized child or dependent care for employees with children enrolled in daycare or those taking care of elderly relatives Employee services such as on premises dry cleaning, errand services or banking Flexible work scheduling to accommodate telecommuting, job shares and virtual work arrangements Designated days for relaxed dress codes as a team incentive Access to career planning tools and consultant resources, allowing employees the chance to plot out their educational and career goals within the non for profit arena. By giving employees a voice in how they like to be recognized, a human resources non for profit professional can help the non for profit organization create a positive atmosphere of inclusion, and show its high regard for the morale and satisfaction of its staff.

Article by: Mark Breck 9/27/2008

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