Non-partisan? not in North Minneapolis

What does it mean when an organization says their “non-partisan”? Non-Partisan means showing no support either way to an event, person or political candidate. In Minneapolis especially among the non-profits and faith-based organizations the opposite is true. This election year many 501(c)3’s have chosen to align themselves with one or more political candidate. This becomes evident with the large gathering of non-profits and Faith-Based organizations in Minneapolis holding political forums and events.

In Articles of Incorporation filed by each one of these organizations in the State of Minnesota, usually in Article III it reads, “No substantial part of the activities of the corporation or organization shall constitute the carrying on of propaganda or of attempting to influence legislation. The corporation shall not be participants or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office”. This election year there are multiple violations as it pertains not being non-partisan and aligning organization with a driven agenda focused on a political candidate or issue. These organizations (faith-based and social service) are in direct violation of IRS tax-exempt status due to the actions of a few “pundits” and “HNIC’s”.

I know everyone is excited about Obama, more than likely being the 1st Black President of the United States, that’s okay – but to remember to always use sound business practices when engaging in the political arena. The League of Women Voters, The Isaiah Project and many more tax exempt/501(c)3 organizations in the United States have stepped over the line by blatantly showing support for an incumbent or political candidate to support and change legislation on behalf of their organizations mission.

This became evident in a meeting with point people with the ISAIAH project – who came to my office to request that – “If a candidate I know will be in line with their organizations mission (if elected), will they (the candidate/staff) help them to move forward in Washington, DC?” The League of Women Voters is also guilty of several heinous actions when it comes to a political agenda and particular incumbent. In a recent conversation with Star Tribune writer Steve Brandt I asked, “How come you don’t write about other candidates that are running for office?” His reply brought me chills and horror – Brandt stated, “Well if the League of Women Voters doesn’t find it important enough to have a debate – why cover that candidate?” (I have the email from Mr. Brandt) The last time I checked – both of the above mentioned organizations hold an IRS tax-exempt status and are 501(c) 3’s. Let’s not forget ACORN. To be raided soon in Minneapolis for voter fraud. Those of you that have had ACORN in our social service organizations, I suggest you keep a close watch or get them out now!

On Monday, October 20, 2008 at Jordan New Life Church in North Minneapolis a Political Forum was held (Jordan New Life was excellent at being non-partisan)with candidates from the Minneapolis School Board, Local House and Congressional Candidates. Rep. Keith Ellison didn’t show up, but he did something way better – he sent his son, Isaiah. Overall the young man held his own, but when asked about Economic Stimuli for north Minneapolis – the words hit the fan that this journalist had always thought was happening, “Earmarks”.

Like Keith, when answering questions it was like a cat licking him or herself on a Friday night. Isaiah went on to say his Father has supported the North side and infused over 80 million dollars in: “Earmarks”- even to the church he was currently sitting in. With this said, my question is, “where in the hell did the money go?” Furthermore, why has North Minneapolis seen no new jobs, business or economic stimuli with $80 million dollars being pumped in? In a line from “The Bitch Switch, by Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth – The Apprentice alumni and Millionaire Donald Trump muse. Omarosa says, “Knowing how to turn in on and off is important”, speaking on her on and off again disposition(s). The Minneapolis non-profit sector has learned to turn it on – and leave it on. If “earmarked” money went to local non-profits, rather than businesses this is why there has not been no new jobs created; No new businesses; No new development…nothing!

This is a great disparity that needs to be addressed by every person in Minneapolis. In most cases in the Minneapolis area, non-profit directors have never run a shoeshine stand and how can the residents of North Minneapolis let this go unanswered. Please watch this video closely and ask your representatives…”Where’s the money?” Short answer: “Local non-profits and faith based organizations get the money as long as they support the politicians that help them obtain it!”

Source by Donald W.R. Allen,II

Author: admin