Obama’s Grants And Scholarships

President Barack Obama has been a big booster of education. His 2010 budget proposal included a boost to Pell Grants from $4,050 to $5,350 for instance. Other Obama Grants and Scholarships include the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (worth up to $4000 each year), the Federal Perkins Loan, and the Stafford Student Loan.

The president’s new financial aid packages make it possible for single parents, working adults, and high school students to pursue their dreams for a college education. The increase in scholarship and grant money means that students won’t have to take out as much in loans while the restructured loan programs mean less fees and costs for borrowers.

And, this commitment on the part of President Obama has spilled over in other ways. For instance, the Obama Scholars program at Arizona State University gives a full ride package (including books and room and board) to 2000 students each year.

Everyone knows that college has become terribly expensive. Costs have exceeded the standard inflation rate for many years now. At a time when a college degree is vital for getting a job, the cost of tuition has pushed it out of the realm of many students.

Obama has asked every adult in the United States to get one more year of education than they otherwise would to keep this country economically strong. He hopes that by 2020, we will have the largest percentage of college graduates of any country in the world.

The President Obama grants and scholarships are the way to make this happen.

Source by Anne Jones

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