Oil Rig Accident Lawyers Necessary


It’s unfortunate but true that a necessary part of the oil business in Texas is Dallas oil rig accident lawyers.

It’s clear that the oil business is a great industry for steady work, long-term profits, job security, and positive growth forecasts. But it can also be a dangerous business.

Explosions on the drill rigs are commonplace, and workers often lose limbs or lose their lives in such accidents. Explosions aren’t the only dangers, of course, pipes drop, rigs collapse, vehicles crash, and structures fail.

Injuries resulting from these accidents include broken bones, amputations, dismemberment, crushed skulls, and other accidents.

An additional problem that is not always discussed but is well-known to many oil rig workers is the very real existence of drug abuse. Drilling companies are notoriously lenient on their drug-testing policies. They push workers to handle long shifts on little sleep, and often those on the rig turn to drugs such as speed to keep them awake as they work.

Unfortunately, while supervisors often overlook this drug abuse, accidents that result from workers incapacitated by drugs are well documented.

In many of these situations, companies are reluctant to admit any fault or negligence, and this is where legal counsel, such as a Dallas Oil Rig Accident Lawyer, comes into play.

Although laws are different in other states, Texas law is lenient on employer liability when it comes to accidents. For example, Texas employers are not required to carry liability insurance that will replace a worker’s wages they are unable to earn because of an injury. So even if you are injured on the job, there is no guarantee that your company will compensate you the pay you lose as you are recovering. When you work in a business like the oil business, coverage for lost wages becomes a significant issue.

In addition, Texas companies that do carry workers compensation insurance often carry such low levels that they do not cover the actual losses, much less the added disruption to your life that is caused by such injuries.

What’s more, an injury you get on the oilfield can be complicated by trying to determine whose land, equipment or job you were really on, since so many subcontractors, government entities and other third parties operate in the field. All these parties that can be involved complicate any claims filed with companies or their insurance entities, and may make it very difficult to recover damages.

If you are in the greater Dallas area, an oil rig accident lawyers can guide you through the process required to make a claim for damages. A good firm will be acquainted with all the regulations governing such awards, and will make sure no one prevents you from obtaining the appropriate settlement for your injury.

If you were in an accident, getting professional, legal advice from one of the Dallas Oil Rig Accident Lawyers is a wise thing to do. A good attorney will complement the benefits from worker’s compensation and give hope where there was none before.


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