Physician Jobs – Four Ways To Open Up More Opportunities


Physician jobs aren’t necessarily all that hard to come by. With an ever increasing number of ailing baby boomers and an ever increasing shortage of doctors, the jobs are there – it’s just a matter of finding the best opportunity. And while many physicians are experts and very passionate about their fields of practice, the truth of the matter is that searching for jobs and marketing themselves for the positions just isn’t second nature.

Here are four ways to open up more opportunities when it comes to physician jobs:

One – Prepare A Perfect CV.

It’s amazing how much time many job seekers put into searching for jobs online and via other networking methods, but then when asked to provide a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), they just hand over an out-of-date amateur piece of paper. To score the best physician jobs, you’ve got to market yourself – and hiring a pro to prepare a perfect CV is worth every bit of the expense.

Two – Update The Tired Cover Letter

Sending out a standardized cover letter to every possible physician job opening available is a popular method used by job seekers. However, the cover letter is your true chance to shine and show how you’re exceptional and unique. Put some thought into each and every one, and personalize it for the job being applied for. If writing doesn’t come natural, hire a writer to lend a hand (try starting at the local university’s communications department).

Three – Hire A Virtual Assistant

For all of the busy practitioners out there who would love to seek a new position, but just don’t have the time to do all the legwork, there’s a perfect solution – hire a virtual assistant. They can locate the available physician jobs that match your criteria and even send your personal marketing package to the right contacts transparently on your behalf. To find the perfect virtual assistant, try starting with the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA).

Four – Double Check Your References

It’s important to make sure any references provided as part of the job search will provide honest, accurate, and glowing reviews of the work you do. Too many times, we select our references based on their credentials, but not on how well we actually know them. To find the best physician jobs, it’s important to be confident that your references will be confident in you when called upon. One idea is to have your virtual assistant actually call them and see what they have to say.

Physicians should consider themselves grateful that there are so many excellent, rewarding jobs available for those willing to seek them out. When searching for the best physician jobs, it’s important to market yourself accordingly to open up more opportunities.


Source by Shane Hester

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