President Kennedy The Conservative Myth that is Just A Dream

According to Ira Stroll,In the 1960s President Kennedy grappled with economic growth tax cuts,the strong American dollar and the issue of welfare reform,which is still with us today.Subsequently Kennedy wanted to cut taxes of the top marginal rate which was 91%President Kennedy built up the military  as we were in Globial conflict with the Soviet union interesting times notes Ira Stroll AL GORE SR was denouning TAX CUTS as a bonaza for the FAT CATS and the Capitialist who run wallstreet. John Kenneth Galbraith the Keynesian Harvard Economist opposed tax cuts and,perferred instead more government spending, Kennedy told him respectively to shut up.

Kennedy long term capitial gains tax rate in his administration was 25% and Kennedy wanted it lowered to19.5% Ira stroll contends Kennedy likely influenced by the Libertarian writer Albert Jay Wock a leader of this new found movement.In 1950 Kennedy gave some amazing speeches on the INDIVIDUAL and the STATE at Notre Dame University ,and the problems of exspanding the powers of the state.Ira Stroll contends President Kennedy felt that Government intervention would create major deficets to the economy.On the other hand Doug Matacon reveals Kennedys record is not what Conservative should not aspire to.

The tax cut argument is very simplistic that ignores both historical realites of the early 60s when Kennedy came into office in 1961, the marginal tax rates was far more than 2013 OBAMA CARE tax and long term capitial gain tax rate of 23.8%.However Doug Matacon contends this was supported by both parties in the 1960s Mr Matacon retortes if Dick Nixon was elected president in1961 he would of been presented by the same situation, as Kennedy on domestic fiscal policy.Although Kennedy would not encourage a Government shut down,such as the Grover Norquist tax pledge of what is happening in todays political reality.

Sure Matacon does admit that John F Kennedy today would be classified as a moderate Republican or an Bill Clinton liberal to the right of center.Meaning President Clinton made deals with the conservatives on welfare reform and even on NAFTA between Canada trading with the United States, and Mexico,to improve the economy.Moreover Matacon contends Arthur Okun, and Walter Heller, believed in promoting these tax cuts for the 1964 USA Economy, which  would provide an Keynesian stimulus for the demands of the 1960s.However from the very start of his administrationPresident Kennedy knew he would have a major battle passing most of his reforms in the first term as President of the United States that why he pick Lyndon Johnson to be his Vice President because of his exsperiences as the majority Senate leader.Bobby and the Kennedy family were not crazy about the selection,but JFK needed Johnsons exprience in dealing with congress on passing his new Frontier legislation.

However JFK would only send Vice President Johnson overseas on FOREIGN POLICEY trips instead of having Johnsons input on DOMESTIC ISSUES or STATE DEPARTMENT ISSUES such as the Cuban missle crisis Kennedy knew LBJ was an hawk at heart and responded to War, and wanted to keep Vice President Johnson in line that is how powerful LBJ was to be,JFK mission was to keep the peace at any cost,to the world at large this was  President Kennedys mission for generations to come.

Ronald Reagan wanted to immitate Kennedys domestic and Foreign policey adjenda yes Reagan policies were supporting anti Communist regimes such as Kennedys,but the difference is Kennedy policies is base on Anti containment polices that Kennedy pursued were pretty much universally shared across the boards with leading members of both political parties.Mr Ira Stroll centends that president Kennedy stared Khruschev down over the Cuban missle crisis and the Berlin wall, and exspanded 16,000 thousand soldiers in Vietnam who were called advisors to Vietnam troops which Kennedy retorted its their war they( South Vietnam) have to want to fight it.Although President Kennedy may of pulled out of Vietnam in 1965 and may of stop an land based war in between the North and South.Therefore would save many lives on the Battlefield of Vietnam that would prove to be Doom for both parties involved.

Doug Matacon believes if Kennedy had lived and would of won in 1964 ,Kennedy would become very socially aware of the poor and civil rights issues and with Democratic majority in 1965 to 1966 may of passed many bills such as HEADSTART and the OFFICE OF ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITYACTof 1965,although man landing on the moon may of been cancelled because of the deathes of Apollo 1 Astronaunts.Yes Jack Kennedy may backed off from the moon   program by encouraging ROBOTS and SPACE PROBES instead of HUMAN BEINGS. Actually this may of given the Kennedy administration an excuse to scale down the Apollo space program to a version of having SKY LAB space stations studying planet earth and its resources. This project would be compare to the MIR space station of the Russians in the 80s.ths would save the UnitedStates billions of Dollars and to invest it in URBAN and RURAL areas of the UnitedStates.

Doug Matacon does bring up the social awareness issue of Kennedy in 1964 I believe Kennedy would sign and pass bills that would improve education and higher education and pass the Civil rights bill of 1964 and 1968 with the help of LBJ at his side during this time from 1965 to 1966 with a DEMOCRATIC majority,but Kennedy would bring up the point (CLINTONNOMICS would prevail) how are these programs going to be funded.Kennedy always wanted to cut the CIA into vast pieces because of the BAY of PIGS plus if Kennedy felt the ROGUE attitude of this organization the CIA exsited it should be pare down and Kennedy felt the United States people could use the funding for better programs.

 Such as Clinton economics President Kennedy would cut programs such as the CIA to make it a research branch of nationial security and the federal reserved to reinvent banks into Community banks to pay for other usefull programs in Washington.I believe Kennedy would have a summit with Red China and the Soviet union and put Vietnam on the plate and eventually have peace talks with North and South Vietnam to push Vietnam to a one NATION philosphy.Moreover the Nation of Vietnam could trade with the UnitedStates and Europe later on.This was the dream of the North Vietnam government to deal with the United States in the 50s.  

Kennedy knew that the existince of US military bothered North Vietnam, Red China, and the Soviet Union, so Kennedy would use it as an excuse to pull out of Vietnam this would be part of the peace plan in 1967or 1968.The New Vietnam would be a Bilateral country that would be a mixture of Socialism and Capitialism.Therefore Vietnam,would be reunited for the good of a strong nation that could trade with all nations.Therefore being a Bilateral state may help Vietnam to be a power house economy in the Asian world.

I also believe the Kennedy administration would have some form of socializes medicine based on what the Clintons were trying to do Sin taxes Beer, and tobacco, or an social security tax on the wealthy.Kennedy wanted a SOCIAL DEMOCRACY that was part European socialism such as programs  as job training, transportation, and the betterment of society,such as encouraging a new brain trust for America the college graduate with new jobs such as a SOCIAL DRAFT to serve society and humanity of the United States of America This program would encourage YOUTH and ADULTS to become Teachers, Firemen, and Policeman,or to be involve in SOCIAL CHANGE one way or another example would be special types of MDs or medical assitants for rural areas to treat FOLKS from community Hospitials.

I believe  President Kennedy would of created a partnership with corporations that are interest in creating JOBS for the citizens of the United States and would encourage the right to work,such as what his brother Edward Kennedy did in his home state of Massachutes.Actually the Kennedy administration would encourage CORBA plans for retirement who were employed with these Corporations for so many years.Instead of the Federal Government creating Medicare, and Medicaid,this would save a drain on the United States ECONOMY. Kennedy may of wanted an Economy such as Japan, and western Europe, of that time which was Micheal Harrington motive for a Social Democracy.MeaningKennedy made of used some form of European Socialism to create jobs and training programs for the UnitedStates of the 1960s and beyond,by establishing a TECHNOLOGY BASE and moving forward

I feel  and agree with Doug Matacon President Kennedy would of worked with many Republicans on keeping the budget in line and not have grand sweeping plans as the Johnson administrationGREAT SOCIETYwelfare state system, which has created many problems through the70s and 80s.Consequently the on going problem of the Vietnam war pushed the United States into on going Inflation problems in the 70s. Although Kennedy plan was to pullout of Vietnam  after 1965 the country of the UnitedStates would be heading into the right direction and would not create a massive Revolution as it did during the Johnson adminstration in the late 60s.Therefore President Kennedy would keep his programs with in a general frame work of a (Clintonomics plan of the 90s) Brilliant and smart. this would be a grand boost to the Economy and beyond and maintain the PEACE of the World at hand

Source by William Schietroma

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