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A radiation therapist can expect an average pay of around $88,000 a year. Of course, there are instances where the pay rate is substantially higher depending upon the employer. Some employers even have programs that offer their employees reimbursement for their out-of-pocket costs for continuing their education and keeping abreast of new technology.

Hospitals account for around 70% of available radiation therapy jobs with the remaining working in physician‘s offices and outpatient care centers. As of right now, job expectancy growth is around 30%, and if you have a bachelor’s degree and have hands-on experience in the related area, the demand for your services will be even greater.

Your potential employer will usually require you to have an associates or bachelors degree in radiation therapy. Another route to this is starting out with an associates or bachelors degree in radiology and then completing a 12 month certificate program in the radiation therapy field. To date, there are 102 radiation therapy programs that are credited in the United States. Some states also require that you be certified by AART. To be certified, you will have to pass the exam and adhere to AART’s ethical standards. To keep your certifications up-to-date, radiation therapists will have to have them renewed yearly.

There is plenty of room for advancement for a radiation therapist. As your skills and knowledge increases, you may be asked to become vice president or manager over radiation therapy programs. Also, this can be used as a stepping stone to become a dosimetrist.

Being a member of a radiation therapy job board or a contract medical physics group can increase your opportunity of finding your next job exponentially. They are free to join for both the employee who is searching in a particular field and the employer who is looking for possible candidates for employment. Most radiation therapy job boards incorporate a user friendly atmosphere into their portal with easy search options that allows you to quickly assess your employment potential. You can conduct searches, either privately or publicly, depending upon your preference. You’ll find a large database full of employment opportunities in the radiation therapy department. This can allow you the option of searching for a job nearby, or if you‘re contemplating a move, to the perfect environment within the workplace. There is also an added benefit that comes with knowing about several opportunities of employment when you’re in high demand and that is that you can expect a higher salary.


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