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Today’s business environment thrives on email.  Almost every correspondence, deal, thank you letter, appointment, sale or solicitation touches an email inbox at some point during its life cycle.  You may have heard whispers of upcoming ‘competition to email’ – such as Google Wave or some other social networking tool that might some day replace email all together.  I wouldn’t worry about that happening any time soon – email is as ingrained in our business minds as is using a keyboard.

One sector where email correspondence is particularly important is in the hiring and recruiting arena.  A hiring manager or recruiter at any company has a very difficult job.  There are a million different tasks for a person in this role to juggle – from keeping track of applicants, screening high quality talent, planning interviews, and complying with equal opportunity hiring statutes – to name just a few.

Much of this work and collaboration takes place via email.  The average recruiter sends hundreds (to even thousands) of emails per week in every direction possible – thank you letters, follow ups, meeting confirmations and more.  Just as with any other job, a recruiter often ends up sending many similar emails over time- with a standard introduction, conclusion and even many common themes throughout the bulk of the composition.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone with this role could simply choose from a number of standardized email templates to save countless hours in drafting?  In fact, modern software technology has allowed for such a beneficial program to exist. Cutting edge email assistance software now allows recruiting industry professionals to make the best of their time by providing a number of pre-designed recruiting email templates for a variety of tasks, including scheduling interviews, confirming meetings, sending thank you letters and more.

Clearly some emails need to be highly targeted and detailed based on the applicant’s specifications and the job in question.  A pre-created template may not cut the mustard when it comes to dealing with a very specific company.  Luckily, modern day recruiting email assistance software also provides the ability for a recruiting professional to customize their own templates.  With this feature, a recruiter can hone in on email correspondence with a long term client and save countless hours throughout the communication life cycle.

Clearly, email is here to stay.  It makes sense that there are tools that can now help us make the email collaboration process easier and more efficient.  Particularly within sectors like recruiting and hiring, where email correspondence represents the backbone of client and candidate communications, utilizing a tool that can give you the edge makes all the difference.


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