Recruiting is More Than Sourcing

Of the tens of thousands of positions with the title of ‘Recruiter’ only a fraction of those utilize all the tools traditional ‘Head Hunters’ use. The recruiting industry is evolving quickly. Since the advent of job boards and data matching software, filling job openings has become turbo charged in many instances.

Employers use these tools to reduce their cost per hire ratios. They have also taken to employing in-house ‘recruiters’ to use data matching software and dive through resumes as the sole means of finding the candidates they need. This method works well for a large percentage of job orders but falls short for filling key positions, too often.

Per the U. S. Department of Labor Statistics for 2006, employers’ average a 23.6% turnover rate. That number is staggering in my opinion….it means that almost one person in four leaves their employer every year!

There is a continual push for Recruiters to fill more positions in a faster, smarter way. Thousands of recruiters who have entered the industry in the past 7 years have received little to no training in sound recruiting methods. They have been “thrown to the wolves” in many circumstances. The result of this practice is a 50% to 90% turnover rate of recruiters with less than six months of experience. In my opinion this is a crazy, unnecessary, waste of talent, money, effort and resources.

It’s time for anyone who employs a Recruiter or for anyone considering a career in Recruiting to stop and evaluate what is going on in the industry. One simple solution is training. There are a number of good recruiter training programs available and anyone who takes their career seriously should BE TRAINED in their profession!

Sourcing (identifying candidates) is only one facet of Recruiting. A good recruiter must understand the principles and methods of utilizing third party referrals to maximize their effectiveness.

Unemployment is under 5% currently. About 15% of the population keep their resumes in circulation to shop around…they are not serious candidates. If your organization is depending on resumes alone you are ignoring 80% of the talent pool! The best candidates are happily employed and not looking for a job. Learing what to say and what to do when you approach a candidate who is already employed is a critical skill to have as a recruiter. That ability provides a great competitive advantage and is why good old fashioned Head Hunting is still in demand. It is why the income gap between those who source and those who actually recruit remains wide.

If you are a Recruiter, be an expert and take your career to the next level and the next one higher! Invest in training, specificially in what to say and what to do when you approach someone who is happily employed and not looking for a job. With most of the country fighting over 20% of candidates with resumes in circulation, you will be able to cherry pick the best candidates from the 80% who are working. Working smarter as an employer and as a recruiter will deliver more placements with less effort. visit us at: to review all we have to offer.

Source by Kimberly Schenk

Author: admin