Role of Recruitment Agencies in Fresh Candidate’s Life


The transition from the fun of college life to the difficulties of professional life consists of job searching. Job searching is a big challenge for fresh graduates in every country.

Fresh graduates face significant challenges in finding a job since they don’t have any experience. There are numerous problems which they face. There exists Frustration, Parents expectations and Peer Pressures, settlement of education loans, Future growth, Economic crises and Massive Candidate Competition among scarce Jobs.

Finding a good job in the first few months after completing studies, lead the students into great trouble. Urgency to start somewhere is the very point where students fall into a vicious circle of depressed thoughts.

A Student begins to ask himself questions like Why would some hire him when having a little or entry level professional experience can not be overlooked, How should I prepare My CV, as “CV is the key document which will get you hired” is the famous saying I’ve been hearing during all these years, Where should I search the jobs, Where should I apply and how should I follow up on my job application.

Too many questions, so much to worry about in so little time, There comes the solution to these problems in shape of a Recruitment Agency. Recruitment agencies play an important role in a fresh candidate’s life.

Recruitment Agencies have HR professionals –aka- Recruitment Consultants who deals in person with Employers and Applicants. Recruitment Consultants are the industry professionals. They are a good source to find all the answers to above question, and to consult future. Not only they prepare a CV for you, they will also place your CV at many employers, with the necessary follow up.

In this ever changing, time shortened and with a cut throat competition era Employers are now outsourcing all the recruitment work to Recruitment Agencies.

A Recruitment Agency have 3 main entities to operate with, Clients, Jobs and Applicants.

Clients are the Employers, Employers have the jobs and Applicants are to fill the vacant jobs.

Recruitment Agencies are providing quality services to both, Applicants and Employers. Recruitment Agencies have a data base of Applicants, with all the necessary contact details and Skills an applicant possess. At the same time they also have the data base having detail of open jobs and skills to do that job.

They run a match on the criteria of Job with the applicant Skills. The results of match are then sent to the Employer (in shape of a number of CVs).

Employer selects Applicants from provided list and request for an interview to be scheduled, the Recruitment Agency then arrange the interview. If an applicant gets selected the job is filled and vacancy is closed.

Recruitment Agency uses Recruitment Software for its operations. Recruitment softwares consist of Job Boards (web recruitment system) to advertise the jobs and to get feedback and Applicant Tracking Systems also know as Recruitment Software to have the data of applicants, Employers and Jobs. The software is also used for Matching Applicants to Jobs and vice versa, posting of CVs, arranging interviews and essential follow-ups.

The need is to encourage fresh students to talk to Professionals and sort their problems out rather to get depressed.


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