Skills and Abilities Needed For Heavy Equipment Mechanics


Heavy equipment mechanics are a specialized category of people. Their job involves the repair, service and maintenance of heavy equipment. They work under varied working conditions at different workplaces, both indoors as well as outdoors. Hence, this kind of a work requires specific expertise and skills related to machinery and machine parts.

Apart from the mechanical knowledge, they need to have a keen sense of observation, and a knack for locating possible faults or damages. In order to do this, they need high levels of reasoning and problem solving abilities. With these faculties, a heavy equipment mechanic has the ability to identify specific problems, and to critically review the available information. Usually well attuned to the mechanics of the equipment he deals with, he is quick to notice when something goes wrong, or even when it is about to do so. Once the mechanical failure is identified, he also evaluates the costs and the advantages of following a course of action to rectify it. Thus, he works out solutions to various problems, and judges their effectiveness.

These skills and abilities can be broadly put into two categories: One, problem solving through reasoning, and second, willingness to work with various things. Since the repair of machines or systems forms the core of the job profile, a heavy equipment mechanic has to excel in determining the reasons for technical glitches, and to think of ways to solve them when they occur. Hence, a person who is willing to try out various methods to find solutions does well in these kinds of jobs. They must be ready to take apart, operate or re-assemble machines, till they find the real problem or get the correct solution. They need to examine various gauges, dials, as well as the actual output to check whether the machine is in proper condition.

Having an analytical bent of mind is always helpful for heavy equipment mechanics. It helps in testing the equipment as well as to find the root cause of the problem. When a heavy equipment mechanic is asked to prepare a proposal to buy machine spares, or the costing of a particular piece of machinery, these skills come in handy. Thus, if one has mathematical skills, then it is an added advantage. Also, keeping a cool temper in moments of stress and high tension is an absolute necessity. On the whole, these are the traits that companies look for in a heavy equipment mechanic, or a prospective newcomer.

Apart from the job related work, if a heavy equipment mechanic nurtures hobbies, they are a useful way to balance the stresses of the job. One can handle stress more effectively when one has a satisfactory family life, as well as a good hobby.

Here are a few aspects that heavy equipment mechanics deal with in their working environment:

Relationships: As their job is usually solitary, and depends on individual skills, when they do work in a group, they like an environment that is non-competitive and pleasant. Being highly individualistic, they dislike being pressurized into doing things that are against their notions of what is right or wrong.

Working Conditions: Good pay and steady employment are factors that are important. However, they seek jobs that suit their individual style of work. Heavy equipment mechanics may either prefer to work alone, or take on various tasks, and they dislike being idled, preferring to be busy.

Focused on achievement:
Most of people involved in this field are focused on achieving results. They use their abilities to produce the results that they want to accomplish. With a job well done, they like the feeling of fulfillment that comes with it. They also enjoy any recognition that is given to their work.

There is nothing uncommon in the activities or qualities displayed by heavy equipment mechanics. Their jobs are quite similar to other professions. But the level of involvement tends to be more intense. Strong support from their managers, co-workers and customers are essential for the smooth functioning of a team of mechanics or the maintenance department of an organization. Thus fair play and good work ethics are important aspects that heavy equipment mechanics prefer in their work environment.


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