Starting Your Career as an Accountant


Why Take Up Accountancy At College?

Graduating from high school should not be your only content in life. Surely you can succeed to land a job with just graduating from high school. But if you truly want to go far in life, why don’t you consider going to college and take up accountancy?

If you consider you are great with numbers and are precise, why not make good use of it after college?

The Job Demand for Accounting Graduate

One of the best college degrees out there is accountancy or accounting, as what others call it. You see, there is a great availability of job openings for accountants out there. Even small businesses need accountants to handle their books, read the figures, and interpret data and tables for them.

It is not only the availability of jobs out there that makes accountancy cool. There is also the variety of accounting jobs. You can go from an accounts payable/receiving clerk to a finance manager to bank personnel to an internal auditor. Later in time, you can even put up your own accounting or book-keeping firm or join the marketing section.

Why accountancy? Well, for another reason, it is a well-paying job. If you’re just starting at work, don’t expect the salary to be that good, especially when you are working in an accounting business. But once you ascent the corporate ladder, the pay starts to get better, provided you are doing an outstanding job and you did not mess up important figures. Prove to your boss that you are an asset to the company.

Choosing The Best Accountancy Schools

It doesn’t matter what college, university, or accounting school you go to, as long as it is licensed by the tertiary education board and the institution itself is approved to provide accountancy degrees. One of the good indicators to judge the school’s accounting degree offering is to check out its graduates’ performances in the certified public accountant (CPA) and certified management accountant (CMA) board exams. The higher the passing percentage, the greater is the possibility that the school offers a quality accounting teaching.

Of course, similar to what I have mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter what school you go. It will all depend on you who will take up the course. It will depend on your determination in learning the course. It will all go down to your various performances in the CPA board exams.

What You Should Know Before Pursuing Accountancy

Accountancy is a course for those who are sort of great at math. Most math wizards I am familiar with would opt for accounting and engineering if they apply for college. The course requires students who are hard-working, precise to details, and have a sense of responsibility and organization. Wishful accountants should be of good moral character, bearing strong moral fiber. Why I said this so? Accountants will indeed hold money that does not belong to them.

Hopeful accountants should learn how to deal themselves under stress and pressure. It is crucial that you have not only the proper teaching, but also the activity that can help you get absorbed in the business world. As early as possible, prepare yourself to endure all the difficulty that comes along with the accountant’s job or any other job. Teach yourself how to handle situations, settle problems in the creative way, and handle responsibilities.

Accountancy is not exclusive for the intelligent minded. It is also for the strong-hearted.

What Lies Ahead After Graduation?

Having received the education and training of an accountant, you look forward to life after graduation. You will have to prepare yourself for the board exam for certified public accountant. You will need to pass the board exam to obtain your license so you can commence working. The board exam is where you will need to recall all what you have learned during the years studying to become an accountant.

Taking the CPA Board Exam

How to pass the CPA board exam? It’s simple as 1, 2, and 3 for someone who really is worthy. If you both know the rules, strategies and the main concept of accounting and follow instructions, you will really enjoy the experience answering the questions at the CPA exam. Don’t get uneasy during the exam. Be confident.

Accountancy Jobs in Sydney

Sydney has a number of accounting firms which are in the look out for new accountants. If you by any chance live in Sydney, why not hand in your resume? There is always a job opening for an accountant in Miranda. There are firms too who are looking for an accountant in Sutherland. So having completed your education and passed the exam, it’s time you apply for a job and build your career. 


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